From Shining Tears comes this wonderful figure of Kureha:

kureha1.jpg kureha2.jpg kureha3.jpg

From the anime and video game series, Shining Tears X Wind, comes this Kureha 1:7 scale statue. This highly detailed statue features the young archer holding onto her long bow and is dressed in an orange and brown dress. Kureha is a student who also happens to work at a shrine as a Miko, or shinto priestess. Kureha is skilled in the art of archery. She was transported to End Earth with Souma after they helped Mao defeat a monster. Upon their arrival, she was attacked by monsters and presumably died. Fortunately, she was revealed to be unscathed after Souma pulled out a sword from her body, the Spirit Sword Snow Moon Flower.

Author: Kiven
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