Mythos Beta

Mythos is the “other” game in development by Flagship Studios, aside from the soon to be released Hellgate London. Mythos is a fantasy dungeon crawler similar to Diablo and NCSoft’s Dungeon Runners. Unlike Dungeon Runners, which doesnt take itself too seriously and pokes fun at the genre, Mythos is a bit more serious take on the action RPG genre.

Here are some screenshots of the Mythos Beta:
mythosb1.jpg mythosb2.jpg

BTW I’m also giving away 5 Beta Invites to Mythos. Let me know if you’re interested.

Author: Kiven
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25 thoughts on “Mythos Beta

  1. Me too…I want to join the Hellgate Beta but I wasn’t able to get a code, so I might as well go for Mythos! :)

  2. I’m posting on the off chance that you still have a spare Mythos beta invite as I’d desperately like to play. Thanks a bunch.

  3. If you still have some invites spare Would love to have 1

    been trying to get in for some time now to get in as i loved D2 and some of the other similair titles.

    thnx in advance

  4. I see the date of the last message and i hope now u have some other beta invite ?

    So if someone have one, i will be very happy, because i’m waiting for this game a long time ago and i miss the official beta invite :( .

    Thx a lot in advance.


  5. please send me 1 invyt i really want to play dis game… ive been waiting for this… please please please!!! thank you kind sir!

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