Pacquiao vs Barrera 2 II Round by Round


Pacquiao vs Barrera 2 II Round by Round Recap Live Updates

Live Blogging. Pacquiao Barrera Primer going on. Undercards underway.

  • Filipino Michael Farenas wins via a second round TKO over Mexican Arturo Valenzuela
  • Librado Andrade TKOs Yusef Mack in the seventh round
  • Steve Forbes wins via split decision over Francisco Bojado
  • Steven Luevano wins via unanimous decision over Antonio Davis

Who won Pacquiao vs Barrera 2 boxing match? Thanks to ESPN.

Manny Pacquiao defeats Marco Antonio Barrera by unanimous decision (118-109 twice, 115-112)

Round by Round After the Jump.

Round 1: Pacquiao 10 – Barrera 9
Both men circling and jabbing. Each man reaches for the other’s body with straight punches. Clearly plenty of mutual respect here. They exchange flurries toward the end of the round as the crowd roars, although Pacquiao’s seem slightly stronger. Tough round to score, and there is a sense the fight could explode at any time.

Round 2 :
Left-right-left from Pacquiao, Barrera replies with a combinatioon of his own. Left/right from Pacquiao. A left and double right hand from Barrera, Right from Pacquiao just misses. Flurries from Pacquiao just fall short. Barrera showing good defense.
Dan Rafael scores it: ?
Kieran Mulvaney scores it: Barrera, 10-9

Round 3
Pacquiao is stalking Barrera, coming forward, and Barrera is moving backward, looking to lure Pacquiao in and counter. Pacquiao lands a left and Barrera responds with a one-two. A right from Pacquiao and another. Barrera circles and jabs and follows with a straight right and Pacquiao lands a right at the bell as Barrera circles away.
Dan Rafael scores it: Barrera, 10-9
Kieran Mulvaney scores it: Pacquiao, 10-9

Round 4
Pacquiao lands a good right, and Barrera responds with a left and the two trade. Pacquiao is changing up his tactics a little, looking to move in, fire off a couple of shots and move out before Barrera can counter. A solid right from Pacquiao, and a leaping left just misses. A left/right lands from Pacquiao.
Dan Rafael scores it: Pacquiao, 10-9
Kieran Mulvaney scores it: Pacquiao, 10-9

Round 5
Pacquiao trying to move to his right, to prevent Barrera circling to his left. Nice uppercut inside from Barrera. Pacquiao flurries but Barrera responds with another straight left. Hook lands from Barrera. Pacquiao lands a left, Barrera a right and they exchange furiously against the ropes. Left/right from Pacquiao, and another, and the fight is really underway now.
Dan Rafael scores it: Pacquiao, 10-9
Kieran Mulvaney scores it: Pacquiao, 10-9

Round 6
Left/right from Pacquiao drives Barrera to the ropes, and Pacquiao flurries. Right hand to the body from Barrera. Left from Pacquiao, a sharp counter right to the jaw from Barrera, and they unload on each other again. Pacquiao drives Barrera to the ropes, and lands a beautiful combination to body and head. Barrera is fighting back, but Pacquiao is more active, and his punches are heavier.
Dan Rafael scores it: Pacquiao, 10-9
Kieran Mulvaney scores it: Pacquiao, 10-9

Round 7
Pacquiao lands a straight left down the middle behind a right jab. Barrera hooks to the body. Barrera is circling, but isn’t throwing much. A quietr round, but the offense is coming from Pacquiao who isn’t giving Barrera much room to counter.
Dan Rafael scores it: Barrera, 10-9
Kieran Mulvaney scores it: Pacquiao, 10-9

Round 8
Right/left from Barrera. Left lands from Pacquiao, and Barrera responds with a right. A left/right from Barrera as the pace slows a little and seemingly to his advantage. A right/left from Pacquiao misses, and Barrera lands a left. But then Pacquiao turns it up and lands a solid right hand on the button, and then another.
Dan Rafael scores it: Pacquiao, 10-9
Kieran Mulvaney scores it: Pacquiao, 10-9

Round 9
Left from Pacquiao, and a right. He drives Barrera to the ropes, and Barrera fights him off with a flurry. A nice left lands from Barrera, but a better one lands from Pacquiao. A four-punch combination from Barrera, but Pacquiao blocks most of it. Solid right/left from Pacquiao, but again Barrera responds with a furious flurry.
Dan Rafael scores it: Pacquiao, 10-9
Kieran Mulvaney scores it: Pacquiao, 10-9

Round 10
Pacquiao is starting to land straight right hands, as Barrera circles away. Barrera flicking out a consistent jab, but Pacquiao landing the greater power punches, including a solid right behind a straight left that catches Barrera’s attention. A quieter round.
Dan Rafael scores it: Pacquiao, 10-9
Kieran Mulvaney scores it: Pacquiao, 10-9

Round 11
Solid left hand from Pacquiao, and then another. Barrera throws a looping left hook that falls short. Barrera lands a right to the head and another furious exchange. A big right/left from Pacquiao sends Barrera backward, and another. Barrera flurries, and another right-left from Pacquiao hurts him. Barrera hits Pacquiao on the break, and referee Tony Weeks calls a time out and deducts a point. Nasty, nasty cut under Barrera’s right eye now.
Dan Rafael scores it: Pacquiao, 10-8
Kieran Mulvaney scores it: Pacquiao, 10-8

Round 12
Barrera tries to land a combination, but slips to the floor as Pacquiao moves to one side. Both men land solid right hands. Pacquiao circles and waves in Barrera, who makes one last effort to land a combination. But it looks like it is probably too little, too late. Then again, some of the rounds were very close, so who knows? It’s time for the judges to decide.
Dan Rafael scores it: Pacquiao, 10-9
Kieran Mulvaney scores it: Barrera, 10-9

Manny Pacman Pacquiao will square off anew against Marco Antonio Barrera on October 6, 2007. Live Pacquiao vs Barrera 2 II Round by Round on fight day.
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Original image courtesy of Nike Philippines. Round by Round by ESPN.

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  1. it’s Oct. 7, 2007… but still barrera and pacquiao fight cannot be shown live… when will be the coverage of the fight will be shown

  2. Looking at the score boards…from round 1 to 9… PACQUIAO is leading….

    No official results yet…

  3. Pacman Rules!!!

    Super featherweight Manny Pacquiao (44-3-2, 35 KOs) took a one-sided twelve round unanimous decision over Marco Antonio Barrera (63-5, 42 KOs) on Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Pacquiao, who previously stopped Barrera four years ago, was again the aggressor and outworked Barrera, who tried to keep the fight tactical. Barrera chose to trade in the fifth, his best round, however, for the most part “Pacman” outgunned the tentative “Baby-faced Assassin.” Barrera was deducted a point for hitting after the break in round eleven, a round where Barrera sustained a cut under his right eye. Scores were 118-109, 118-109, 115-112

  4. i have a feedback from other links…manny won!!!! thers a lot og blogs about it…telling he won by unanimous decision. that came from those who watch the ame live.



  6. wattah..fight! thumbs up to the champion…clap clap clap…touchdown to losser..silence.

    all i can say to marco; that’s his gayiest fight i ever saw. he’s not a real fighter. he didn’t show what he got. wattah losser…tsk tsk.. it’s a big shame to mexico.i guess his tag name will change “baby face assasin” to “gay face assasin”.

  7. ala bng picture para makta r2 ang kwento… hehehe

    alam na natin lahat na di pa ata pinapanganak ang totoong tatalo ky pacman.wahaha

    bakit di k.o. si barrera… todo nb lhat gnwa ni pacman…hehehe

    wala na….ty po…

  8. anong may araw ka dyan! yun manok mo takbuhin si barera itinola na yan!

    laki ng tanalo mo lng kng ano ano pa pinagsasabi mo kay pacman

    tama yun isang poster yun manok mo BABAY GAY ASSASSIN

    haayyy manay member ng FEDERASYON INTERNATIONALE! bonga!


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