The Top 10 Pinoy Boxers

Courtesy of ESPN: “On Saturday, Manny Pacquiao attempts to enhance an already formidable legacy and stamp his frenetic brand of boxing into Filipino history books. It is an impressive book, chronicling a saga that reaches back to the 1920’s.

And while Pacquiao’s popularity is unrivaled, it’s not the first time a Filipino boxer headed a list of most admired persons of the island nation. But if Pacquiao’s legacy is as great as most believe, it will spawn a new generation of boxers that will try to emulate his near legendary status, perhaps landing on this list 20 years from now.”

The Top 10 Philippine Boxers after the jump.

The Top 10 Pinoy Boxers
10A. Anthony Villanueva
10. Rene Barrientos (39-7-2, 1962-1978)
9. Eribito Salavarria (39-11-3, 1963-1978)
8. Dodie Boy Penalosa (31-7-2, 1982-1995)
7. Rolando Navarette (54-15-3, 1973-1991)
6. Ceferino Garcia (102-28-12, 1926-1945)
5. Small Montana (82-24-10, 1931-1942)
4. Little Dado (45-4-9, 1936-1943)
3. Luisito Espinosa (47-13, 1984-2005)
3. Ben Villaflor (54-8-7, 1966-1976)
2. Flash Elorde (88-27-2, 1951-1971)
1. Pancho Villa (91-8-4, 1919-1925)

Do you agree with this List?

When it comes to his place among Filipino greats, Manny Pacquiao is a work in progress. The Philippines have a long and proud boxing history, stretching back to the late 1890’s when the first Filipinos began to launch their fists for pay. Boxing came to the island via American soldiers, who used sport to bond with the local population. To date, that cultural bonding initiative has produced 28 champions, beginning with Pancho Villa in 1923 and culminating with Gerry Penalosa’s ascension to champion status this year.

Source: ESPN

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  2. Always good to read about boxing.

    Can I ask though – how did you get this picked up and into google news?

    Very impressive, is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

    Obviously this is a popular blog with great data so well done on your seo success..

  3. Dear Sir,

    I think Manny Pacquiao should be number one, considering he is the 1st Asian to be a 4 division champ and the QUALITY of fighters he has beaten. He already beat 3 Legendary fighters from Mexico. He is currently the number 1 P4P fighter in the world and he is a knockout puncher to boot with speed and power beyond compare for his size.
    He has gone from 106 pound mini flyweight to currently a lightweight champ 135 lbs, and is fighting at a welterweight limit of 147 lbs vs Oscar Dela Hoya this December 6th. His achievements and FEATS are legendary in nature and should propel him into an ALL TIME GREAT.

    thanks and God Bless,
    Jr Arevalo

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