Philippines Rose MMORPG to shut down in August

Philippine Rose Shuts Down. Perfect World OBT registration starts and soon, Ragnarok 2 Online, baby. Sad times, Good times. Such is Life.

Here’s the official announcement from the pRose team:


To Our Dearest Rose Community,


As you may already know, we were put to the test when Triggersoft (Gravity’s development team for ROSE) not only ceased development and technical support for ROSE Online but also shut down all operations recently. Many thought this was the end. But resilient as we are, we found a way to survive. We decided to follow the free to play business model, a risky and bold move, but one that we were willing to take… all to keep a great game going, keep everyone happy and most of all, keep our community solid, intact and alive.

ROSE was touted as THE game to play during its launch. We were able to make it the 2nd largest game in the Philippines with one of the most loyal and passionate gaming community this country has ever seen. It was supposed to have had the coolest features that one cannot find in other games, from simple joys like cute outfits, to big weapons of destruction such as the funky Castle Gear. And who could forget the world of the Seven Hearts, seven planets with its own unique environments and features.

Thanks to GM Tristan for the image.

We can keep on fighting but there is only so much we could do. And so, it is with deepest regret that we inform you that we will be shutting down operations for Philippine Rose Online on August 6, 2007, at precisely 12:00 noon.

We know how much pain this decision will bring to our loyal community. That is why, as a token of our appreciation, we shall be giving BONUS CREDITS TO OUR LOYAL ROSE PLAYERS (to their MylevelUp wallet) and reimbursing all unspent Moonies (see mechanics below).

In this regard, we’d also like to invite you to check out Ragnarok Online’s 15th Episode: Rachel now in Sakray.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will cherish the 2 years that we’ve spent together. No experience will ever equal the things we’ve had together as friends and comrades.

We hope though that we see each other again… still here at Level Up!

The pROSE Team


On August 1, 2007, remaining moonies in a player’s game account will be converted to myLU credits based on the following guidelines (this will be done automatically. All you have to do is LINK your pROSE account to your MyLevelUp Account:

1. All Rose game accounts with remaining moonies are entitled to the compensation.
2. The conversion rate is 20 moonies to 1 myLU credit.
3. Remaining moonies will be converted up to the nearest credit. E.g. 14 moonies = 1 credit.
4. Game accounts that are not linked to a myLU account on or before July 31, 2007 will not be given any compensation.
5. IMPORTANT – if you do not have a MyLevelUp account, please REGISTER NOW and link your pROSE account to it.



1. You are a Loyal pROSE player if your account was:
• Created before July 4, 2007.
• The account must be active (logged in at least once between January 1, 2007 until July 3, 2007)
• Topped-up a minimum P700 worth of game time or moonies (total accumulated since start of commercial service August 2005)
2. All qualified accounts will get an incentive of 5% of total accumulated top-up or P350 whichever is lower.
3. This will be done on automatically on August 1, 2007. If you do not have a MyLevelUp Account, REGISTER NOW and link your pROSE account.

Author: Kiven
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19 thoughts on “Philippines Rose MMORPG to shut down in August

  1. madaya ang level up games sabi babalik ang rose wala naman nakalagay na date kong kailan babalik ang rose online pati na ang trigggersoft marami nang player nang rose ang nagagalit sabihin nyo na kung kailang babalik

  2. madaya? lol hardly. if you actually read the post, rose WAS SHUT DOWN months after dev support didnt exist anymore. i suggest you read the article again.

    oh and dont bother spamming the site with multiple comments under different names. wordpress is watching…thanks!

  3. source: wikipedia

    May 2007: ROSE Online’s Intellectual Property transferred to Faith Co., new development team assigned.

    maybe in the future or in a year ROSE will soon be revived… cguro nagddvelop p ulit ng bagong features and etc..

  4. yah…
    kasi nman kaka50 ko lang tpos pagdating aug 1
    bigla na silang nag shut down…
    kabagobago ko pa lang na wala agad….

  5. hi.. kung ibabalik nila ung prose masaya.
    kz halos lahat ng roseonline fanatics nagtitiis sa private server.

    at kung kailangan lagyan ng load pra bumalik ung rose lagyan.
    at sana kung magkaroon ulit ng rose wag n sana ito matanggal ULIT.


  6. nagbabalik nanaman ako wala na ang rose wag na kaung aasa pa!!!!!!!!!!!!sayang talaga ung character ko na ccyclonexueki

  7. ammm… hahhayz…. sana magrevive na ang prose… miss kow na char. kow… ung set kow na png lvl 100 na binili kow by cash php1000… fam2x talaga ohh…

  8. gm what year’s back rose online i would like to say you gm there are many player will play rose online please this games rose GM primedefender ang Tristan please back it………

  9. sad nmn na wala na tlga ang prose……….miz ko na tlga prose…….ka muzta nalang sa mga serius server


    ako nga pla ang unang una na champion job sa serius :P

  10. My gawsh! July 2007 ako nag-hibernate then nagplano akong maglaro ulit by September. I miss everyone :(

  11. Hayzz..Kailan ba Mababalik ANg Prose..

    Nag SHut DOwn TPoz Ala SABi Kung Kelan Ibabalik..(how T_T sad)

  12. sana ibalik nila rose kahit reset all ok lang maibalik lang ang pinakapaboritong laro ko sa rose online na kasi ako tumanda mula 1st year high school hangang 3rd year wew …

  13. mga GM balik niyo na! sure madaming maglalaro niyan! yan na pinaka magandang gameplay para samin!

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