Perfect World Open Beta Day 1

So what went down during the first day of open beta for Perfect World?

Well, we’ve got 2 game servers up, Tiger and Dragon, with Dragon seemingly having more players as of last night. The starting areas are CROWDED, with players competing for the same amount of mobs to be killed and quests to complete. We got the usual guilds already in the game more notably Holy Order members who i see here and there.

I got a couple of 10+ characters running around on the 2 servers. One is a Wu Xia while the other is a Yao Jing. Leveling wise – i feel that the Wu Xia is the easier to level up because of macros and you don’t need to take care of a pet.

The highest level player for the first day is reportedly at 27. Adik.

Author: Kiven
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2 thoughts on “Perfect World Open Beta Day 1

  1. hmm there will be possibilities that the perfect world would have channels because it soo lagg XD due to the increasing also of the people playing T.T

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