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Paradise Philippines. “Paradise Philippines” refers to the beauty of our 7100+ islands (give or take a few) including its people. Take a look at Boracay or any of the other natural wonders our country has been blessed with, Truly the Philippines is a paradise for many. Just ask any of the numerous foreigners visiting our small paradise in this corner of Asia.

Paradise Philippines may also mean the beauty of its people, or more relevant to visitors of this site, its beautiful women. Check out some of the the most beautiful women in the Philippines. Babes and Beaches? Truly the philippines is a paradise.

The Paradise Philippines Pinoy SEO contest is the third of its kind. Dubbed the 600K Bayanihan SEO contest, where individual SEOs fight for the top spot in all three major search engines (Google, Yahoo! and MSN) for the term Paradise Philippines, breaking new grounds by introducing a team-based point system that will revolutionize the way all future SEO contests are run.

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    wala akong pakialam if my comment has nothing to do with this post. basta, HABEERDAY!

    painom ka naman. laki naman kita mo dito sa website mo eh. :D

  2. Your site is doing good in Paradise Philippines contest. Hope you’ll continue to make it till the of the contest.

    Goodl Luck!

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