Paradise Philippines – And so it goes on….

paradise philipines

The Paradise Philippines SEO contest isn’t even officially underway (we’re still waiting for that link generator , Marc. hehe) but a lot of action has been going on the SERPs lately. And that’s just the start, wait till we near the milestone dates for the Paradise Philippines SEO rankings.

As you guys may have noticed, the title of this blog changed to Paradise Philippines. I was experimenting with some basic SEO methods and i must say they did work…..for a time. I did manage to crack the first page in MSN, Google, and Yahoo! for the Paradise Philippines Keyword but it’s hard to be standing still, so to speak.

While you are resting, your opponent is training.

Or something like that. Its hard being a blog not focused on one actual keyword: Paradise Philippines as your other content dilutes the perceived importance of the phrase. So while im blogging about the usual babes and games, others are busy creating posts with Paradise Philippines all over. or doing some blackh@t Paradise Philippines SEO as some members are now reporting.

And that is the reason for this post. Will this help? Maybe. I’ll know in a couple of days if it managed to do anything regarding my Paradise Philippines keyword ranking. Enjoy the babes and games!

Author: Kiven
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2 thoughts on “Paradise Philippines – And so it goes on….

  1. Yeah, I kinda see some splog style SEO shiat.

    Also, a lot of your competitors have either bought domains that end in .org or .biz, still others have taken the url names in the free blogs. I’m not sure if contests like these really help spread the buzz or the hype in a constructive way. Where’s the quality of content in that? hehehe.

    It’s a good contest, yes. But too many trash might ultimately dilute the message that they want to convey for Paradise Philippines.

    Just thinking out loud.

    GM T

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