Lineage 2 II South East Asia Pre-Closed Beta Website up

It looks like the Lineage 2 Philippines beta website is up and running.


But it looks like no beta registrations are accepted at the moment….Hello! anybody hoome?

Hmm let’s see…. they have some wallpapers for download (most if not all via the US lineage 2 website, but looks good anyway), A Cafe beta List which doesn’t hold anything as of the moment, a couple of FAQs, links to (which doesnt resolve as of yet), and oh ise not resolving as of the moment (dns change?) and the is still forwarded to the US website.

As they say: Patience is a virtue, young grasshopper. So lets wait till the site gets all ready to go and take a look at it again.

ATTENTION: The Lineage IIâ„¢ South-East Asia Closed-Beta Test form is not yet activated! We will announce when this form will be available for CBT applications.

If you are interested to join the Closed-Beta Testing for Lineage IIâ„¢ South-East Asia, fill up the form below completely with your real details. All information submitted will be kept strictly confidential.

If you are pre-selected as a Closed-Beta Tester, you will receive an email with your CBT account and password before the start of the Closed-Beta Test.

You may also get a Closed-Beta Test account when you join us at our upcoming CBT Party. Watch out for the details as to when and where the party will be held.

via the Lineage II Closed Beta form

Author: Kiven
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8 thoughts on “Lineage 2 II South East Asia Pre-Closed Beta Website up

  1. grabe nmn ung pambibiton ng AMDG, dami ng naghihintay ng game nila….Hope ppl wil play it sa sobrang tagal nla ilabas…Gosh!! we waited so long
    sana nmn ilabas n nla…

  2. Sana free to play 2 at d puro pera ang habol ng mga GM tulad ng ibang laro jan>>>>>> ^_^

    Kiven says: Lineage 2 is hardly free to play. lol. Remember that Lineage 2 (at least in, ohhh every territory were it is legally sold) requires the purchase of the game box as well as a monthly fee on par with WoW. =)

  3. I’m a long time player of video games and PC games. I make it a point to always check out the latest things happening in the online gaming industry. Looking forward in being accepted as one the favored few.

    Many thanks and long live to all.


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