id Software shows new tech demo at Apple Keynote, shows nothing new

Here’s John Carmack showing off Id Software’s latest game engine at the Apple World Wide Developer Conference 2007. Oh, this one renders the outside world pretty good unlike Doom3’s engine which was mainly used for indoor/dimly lit shooters.

Honestly, with games like Crysis already announced i just didn’t feel that OMGWTFROFLMAO!! factor when i watched the video. Take note that i didn’t say it didn’t look great, it does. But that’s a given with id’s reputation as a engine developer but did you see anything new that excited you? This is one reason why i hate flyby trailers….well except that of Crysis’. lol

Great textures? Saw that before.
Deformable terrain? been done.
Photorealistic scenes? Hohum.
Characters that move naturally? Zzzzz.
Great Physics? …….
Games on Apple? WTFFF!

One reason the Wii and the DS is so consumer friendly is that they allow people to play games like they have never played them before. I love great graphics as much as the hardcore gamer next to me but when technology reaches a certain point the thing that differentiates great games from the mediocre is the actual gameplay.

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