Advance Pass into Granado Espada.

Dear Gamer,

Congratulations on winning a 2-day Advance Pass into the Land of Granado Espada! You
have earn the rights to start playing Granado Espada’s Pre-Open Beta Phase on 15th
May 2007, Tuesday, 12pm (GMT+8), 2 days ahead of the rest of the world.

You may find the steps to activate your account here.

Two worlds (servers) will be opened up on 15th May 2007 – Cervantes and Carracci.
You will be able to create your families in both worlds. Please note that Cervantes
World will have baron mode (PK mode) activated while Carracci will not have baron
mode activated (non-PK mode).

We appreciate your feedback. You can provide your feedback via the following channels:-
a. Online Form Submission – our game masters will take note of your submissions.
b. Forums – you may use your game account info to log into the forum. Within
this forum, you are allowed to post your bug reports or findings, as well as
communicate with other game testers in the GE community

Happy adventuring!

Best Regards,
Team G.E.

Author: Kiven
Kiven originally started this blog back in 2004 to document his forays into Half Life 2 and World of Warcraft. For more Play to Earn gaming news, Add me on Twitter: @Kiven and Like my Page on Facebook:

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