300 Spartans on a plane

The Spartans of 300 have defeated Xerxes and are getting some well deserved R&R via a vacation to hawaii when suddenly…Hijack!

New Video: John Rambo: Rambo 4 Trailer

1 Plane. 4 Terrorists. 300 Spartans.

Update: OMG! 1k uniques in an hour! woot. thanks for the link love guys. Hope you enjoy the United 300 spoof video.

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Author: Kiven
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26 thoughts on “300 Spartans on a plane

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  3. Very cool, but WHY didn’t you use the line:

    “I’ve HAD it with these mother****ing Spartans on this mother****ing plane!”

  4. hehe awsome video :) Tonight we dine IN CLEVELAND!!
    But he should have yelled this isnt madness, THIS IS CHARTEEEEEEEER

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