Naruto Shippunden 1-2

It has been a couple of years since Naruto came out in the Japanese market and i’ve been following the manga/anime series since then. While it was a interesting read originally, the series decayed into filler episodes with the anime also having crappy animation. Enter Naruto Shippunden (Shipuunden), the series’ new season which takes place two and a half years after the original.

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While the animation seems to be the same as the original series, i really like the new Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. They all feel…grown up. Ok, Ok..make that Sakura and Sasuke as the new Naruto is basically a taller version of the old (err younger) Naruto. The series still has retained its quirky sense of humor with the funny intermissions. Warning: Spoilers Ahead

So what’s in Naruto Shippunden episodes 1-2? Basically Naruto comes back to Konoha after 2 years of training with Jiraiya and meets up with old friends. Shikimaru as well as Sakura are already Chuunins while others such as Neji are already Jounins or even higher with Gaara of the Sand being the new Kazekage. Only Naruto has remained a Gennin but is happy to take up the challenge of being Hokage one day.

Naruto and Sakura (Thanks Brymac! atat eh hehe) are then pitted against Kakashi Sensei to test their new skills even while news of the Akatsuki (The group of Itachi and Orochimaru) have begun making their move as reported to the various Hidden Villages by Jiraiya. He thinks that they are after the Kyuubi inside Naruto and have made preparations.

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6 thoughts on “Naruto Shippunden 1-2

  1. i think shikamaru’s already a Jounin. Everyone else is a chuunin while naruto remains a genin. I think Shippuuden is already at episode 8-9. not sure though.

    Kiven says: yep, shikamaru’s already a jounin. and yeah shippunden is already at 8-9.

  2. So.. i have a question… … NARUTO SHIPPUNDEN epsidoe 1 is practecly episode 221 in the older version right ? cas i mat naruto episode 207 andi i dont want to stop locking…. at this anime :D ?

  3. Yahoo!!! i’ve seen upto episode 11 so far..ü
    and by the way, i think Shikamaru still a Chuunin.. only Neji, Temari and Kankorou became a Jounins..

    =( Sad to say, Gaara (Kazekage-sama) has already been captured..

    Kiven says: Nope Shikamaru is a jounin. and only 11 episodes have been released by Dattebayo so far. oh but if you read the manga, actually Kazekage is dead. =)

  4. Naruto shippunden started airing last February 15 here in japan…11 episodes all in all..nothing special is happening but just yesterday, naruto, kakashi and sakura met itsuki(sasuke’s brother)…

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