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Yeah, you’re not a basketball fan if you never heard of Kobe Bryant’s latest streak. at least 50 points in 4 games. Enough to send members of the media to declare Kobe as the best ever. But waittagoddamnedminute. Kobe isn’t the best player ever. Michael Jordan is.

Update: “Take Bryant’s accomplishment and add it to his historic resume. Enjoy it for what it was – one of the most brilliant, awe-inspiring feats the NBA has ever seen. But don’t tarnish it by forcing it into a place where it simply doesn’t belong. There’s no shame in being the third best, especially when the guys ahead aren’t just great players but immortal ones.” from Chris RosenBleuth, NBA.com.

Update: Check out Tex Winter’s analysis of MJ and Kobe. *Hint* Kobe doesn’t have the same defensive intensity as MJ. Oh, if you dont know who Tex Winter is then kindly leave yourself out of this discussion. Period. via Truehoop.


To support this view, here’s an excerpt By NBA TV’s Rick Kamla “Bursting Kobe’s Bubble”. Get it straight, media members and hoop heads.Kobe is Great, but Mike is The Greatest Ever.

On the fantasy show this past Tuesday, I ran some stats in the Low Five detailing how far Kobe Bryant has to go just to match Michael Jordan’s collection of accomplishments. Let’s put it this way, Kobe better bring his climbing gear, because Mike is sitting atop the basketball equivalent of Mt. Everest.

Here’s the list of what Kobe needs to do just to tie Mike.

— Three more rings (6-3).
— Six Finals MVPs.
— Five MVPs.
— Eight more scoring titles (I’m assuming Kobe wins his second this season.)
— Six more All-NBA First Team honors (I’m assuming Kobe gets his fourth this season.)
— Five more All-Defensive First Team honors (9-4).
— One Defensive Player of the Year award.
— Three steals titles.
— Raise playoff scoring average from 22.9 (Kobe) to 33.4 (Mike).

Read More via NBA.com

Author: Kiven
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6 thoughts on “Michael Jordan > Kobe

  1. Kobe is still very far from MJ… it’s just that he is “the current” on-fire NBA superstar.

    To Michael Jordan… hands down.. he’s already a legend.

  2. The argument never ends… This is what we sports fans live for. Greatness itself goes beyond the numbers. One must take into consideration the difference in the way the game is played during the respective peaks of Jordan and Bryant. True, Kobe’s contemporaries are bigger and stronger. But that doesn’t make them any better than the Drexlers, Barkleys, Olajuwons, Ewings and Malones of the 90’s.

    Those players all deserve their place in the Hall of Fame but the fact remains that MJ was head and shoulders above any one of them. No contest. No arguments.
    Kobe, despite his barrage of spectacular performances, is having a hard time getting past Nash and Nowitzki.

    Kiven says: ang sabihin mo trebs maka nash ka kasi bwahaha

  3. Amen pareng Kevin. I really love the requirements you cited (via Rick Kamla).

    Regarding Nash and Nowitzki, I would place them in the same plateau as Kobe (despite Kobe’s 3 rings). They’re current superstars and are playing great ball right now. Nash is a late bloomer (in terms of eliteness–he used to be an all-star; now he’s marquee), so he has a lot of catching up to do kay Stockton and Magic (as far as legendary point guards are concerned).

    Dirk is fantastic too, so expect an MVP award in the next few years if he doesn’t get one this year.

    I’ll have to give them all a few more years before they ever reach legendary status as Jordan.

    Kobe will forever be compared to MJ, but His Airness is a tough act to follow.

  4. there are basketball players…and there is MICHAEL JORDAN…
    doesn’t have to ball hog, doesn’t have to yap about his game..and does bring out the best in his team, from coach, team mates to staff…
    only age stopped air jordan..
    oh, the number 24 cannot, can never beat, OR BE, 23!

    how r u kevs? remember the poster your dad used to have of this superman flying from the freethrow line and dunking it?

    Kiven says: oks lang insan, Yep, i remember when we bought that framed poster

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