Lineage 2 Philippines Beta Download ?

Are these screenshots and videos from the Philippine version of Lineage II ? Did i somehow managed to gain early access and downloaded an advance press copy of the game?

lineage2serverselect.jpg l2humanfighters.jpg l2elvenfighters.jpg

Here’s a short video of my Orc Fighter battling it out and traveling in the orc’s starting area of Lineage 2.

More Lineage 2 gameplay videos and screenshots after the jump.

Unfortunately no, These videos and screenshots are actually from the commercial US release of Lineage II which im playing right now. I’m guessing that the Philippine version of Lineage 2 will be using most, if not all, content that the US version has at the moment so feature-wise im assuming that they will be identical.

Important: The store is already filtering wannabe Lineage 2 subscribers/users from the Philippines from buying Lineage 2 via their interface. This is due to Asian Media acquiring the rights to distribute Lineage II locally.

Another Video of My Orc looking around the newbie starting area

A sample Video of Lineage 2’s Character Creation System

Here are more screenshots of Lineage 2 including views of the Dark Elf and Orc Fighter Models as well as the only model for the Dwarves. Plus shots of my Dark Elf Fighter =)


l2defighters.jpg l2orcfighter.jpg l2dwarffighter.jpg

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58 thoughts on “Lineage 2 Philippines Beta Download ?

  1. hey guys how can i download the philipine server of lineage?? can you guys tell me??

  2. i have waited for this game in the phil..

    i have tested private server and the gameplay is so great..

    the best i played before….

  3. actually, it doesn’t deviate from the grind korean mmo’s are notoriously known for. although players have tons of stuff to do.

  4. Wow… I like wish need it players online LineageII Philippines server on july coming soon!!!

    i not like pay “time card” none money ok?

    so thank you!!! Lineage2-SEA…

  5. I have been playing it since Lineage 1 and until now been on retail too and nothing can compare lineage to other online games, WOW and the others are for kids while Lineage is for the big boys :P

  6. Wer do i download client?
    I use to play with a private server from talisay negros. Its been out of commission for quite some time. Its about time someone came up with a pinoyL2

  7. the website of underground server was that was then. We wer able to change jobs. hope this new server we can do the same. there are a lot of maniacs of pinoyl2 here. pls if u can email me wer to download the client it would be lot of help. tnx

  8. where can i download lineage2 philippines i try to clink the link here but i didnt download

  9. what if we will play Private Server that Main Server…
    more faster that Main..

  10. waaaa…..
    i have played private server like l2memories…
    im from la union…

  11. hellow po ano po website ng cliant?? ^^ pls tell me po TY
    hmm baka meron ka alam ung free to play lineage sabi ny po kong ano website ^^

  12. san po pde magdownload ng lineage 2 na free!!!!! pde po pakisabi… kasi sinubukan ko na ung sa phil. matagal na naputol pa……

  13. please send me the base file or client download. I am managing a cafe and my costumers want to play the game but i dont have the installer. where can i download or can you send it to me??

  14. may lineage 2 philippines na po ba? pano po idownload.. nalaro ko na to sa private server,ganda graphics..

  15. how can i download the philippine server its vey hard to find how can i download this game please help

  16. lineage 2??? is a good game, but i wish no bots for this game, bots kills the online gaming. bots sucks….

  17. meron ako account sa l2 pero endi philippine server!!!! ako ng register pro puro mga espanyol ang mga characters>>>>almost d p naman marunong mg-english!!!!
    pro i enjoy coz sorcerer na ako lvl 76!!!!

    subokan nio mg-register sa website na to pra magkitah naman tau!!!

    HarryPotter2008 nga pla account name ko!!!!

  18. gm pwedi po bah tolongan nyo ako mag dl ng lineage plssssss? pano po bah mag dl?

  19. wew mas gusto ko ung dati na nakasama at nakalaban namin sa L2 sana mg kita kita ulit tau kelan pa kea babalik ung games na un. . . . . . . nkakasawa na kea mg antay

  20. pa send po ng bot ng L2,,,,,ito po email q,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,tenks po,,,,,

  21. miss na miss ko na L2 :( sana meron ulet server para sa mga pinoy ung free

  22. Wala Talaga…. hehehe Kelan kaya magkakaron ng L2PH….
    sino kaya ppede maglalakas loob mag host kahit private server…
    buhayin natin sa donation….

  23. meron l2 noob…pro bobo ng mga admin…stack yung subclass…tapos ung mga gm nagbibigay ng imba items sa mga kaibigan nila…

  24. miss ko na din ung lineage2 sya pa dati hehehe ^_^ i like sna mag balik cya i will like u …

  25. la ba talga tau private server nito sa pinas?.. kun babalik man kasi ako sa online gaming world eto lng lalaruin ko

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