Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto turns 55


Thats right: the creator of Mario, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, and Pikmin – Shigeru Miyamoto turns 55 Today. From Philippine Gamers who have enjoyed your games throughout the years: Happy Birthday, Shiggy!! and hope that you get to enjoy many more.

According to his wikipedia entry, he is the Senior marketing director for Nintendo and also holds the position as General manager of the (in)famous Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development aka EAD.

One of his famous quotes reads: “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever”

Author: Kiven
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2 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto turns 55

  1. That’s the oldest little boy in the world.

    Hope he doesn’t bite it soon, I wouldn’t want my beloved Pokemons to run out of a console to get unleashed on.

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