Manny Pacquiao vs Erik Morales: The Grand Finale


Manny Pacquiao will face off with Erik Morales in their 3rd match dubbed The Grand Finale this Nov 18 Saturday (Nov 19 Sunday in Manila) at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas. The Pacquiao and Morales camps have been trading verbal barbs over the past few days but ultimately it will be the actions of these two men in the ring that will decide the outcome.

While some may think that Erik Morales’ career is on the downside, id have to be cautious as Erik Morales is no ordinary fighter. Manny Pacquiao would do well to not underestimate Morales because El Terrible can still beat Manny Pacquiao. Having said that, i dont think Erik Morales cant beat an unbloodied Manny Pacquiao wearing Reyes Gloves. Sorry Mexicanos. Hopefully, a win for Manny wont mean a candidacy in local elections or PR for politicians looking to leverage his popularity. also, i hope Pacquiao doesnt come out looking like a billboard than a world class boxer like his last fight here in Manila.

Hopefully this fight wouldnt be a downer as the Bobby Pacquiao-Hector Velazquez match this week, in where according to a news report Bobby Pacquiao had 4 (Count ’em FOUR) below the belt infractions. WTF. I mean, Bobby Pacquiao was controlling the fight and was even leading on the score cards. Lousy, lousy move. All this after losing his championship belt without his opponent throwing a punch by BPaq (naks) not meeting the required weight. *Sigh*

Update: Good lord, have you heard BPaq speak after his fight with Velazquez? Repeatedly saying ” Its not a Blo Blow” or “Not a Blow Blow mehn” was not exactly something i was expecting from BPaq especially when they showed him clear replays of his low blows. tsk.

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