Two Rares in a Magic Booster pack


I got this over at the official Magic forums re the possibility of 2 rares (1 foil) in boosters starting with Time Spiral.

Read the post.
Definitely a pack opener’s delight. I can already imagine the faces during the prerelease. especially during Drafting. Cant wait for Time Spiral to hit MTGO come October 30.

Originally Posted by Andy Heckt
Ok to post.
Offical post is as follows and will be public.

“Starting with Time Spiral, there has been a change in how premium cards are distributed. Previously, premium cards replaced a card of the same rarity, so a premium rare would replace a standard rare, a premium uncommon would replace a standard uncommon, and a premium common would replace a standard common. In Time Spiral and in future sets, all rare, uncommon, and common premium cards will replace a standard common instead. It is now possible for there to be two rares in one pack, the standard rare card plus a premium rare (which replaces a standard common).”


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