Time Spiral Spoiler List


TIME SPIRAL CHECKLIST Complete. Check out the Time Spiral Spoiler List after the jump. Note that time shifted cards are considered legal in whatever block Time Spiral is legal in.

The Complete Time Spiral List
The “TimeShifted/Purple” Time Spiral Spoiler List.

Originally Posted by Originally Posted by Damien Guillemard, the DCI Manager of France, in a primer sent out to French judges
***”Timeshifted” Cards***

The Time Spiral set contains a subset of 121 cards known as “timeshifted” cards. There’s one timeshifted card in each Time Spiral booster pack, and there are three in each Time Spiral tournament pack. Some “timeshifted” cards appear in each Time Spiral theme deck as well.

Each timeshifted card is a reprint of a _Magic_(TM) card from a set released prior to the _Mirrodin_(R) set. It appears in a pre-_Eighth Edition_ card frame and has a purple expansion symbol. Each of the cards in this subset is equally rare, regardless of their rarities when they were originally printed.

For game play purposes, timeshifted cards are considered part of the Time Spiral set. They are legal in all formats that Time Spiral is legal in.

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