World Of Warcraft: Undermine Guilds

LOL. The Undermine server isnt even a month old and we already got some drama going on between guilds. Oh well, thats normal for a new server with guilds trying to promote its ranks as “hardcore”, “endgame focused” and a quick way to to epics. Ho hum. Im personally more interested in making actual friends and having a small but dedicated group than trying to be a ass**** all decked out in epic gear.

Author: Kiven
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2 thoughts on “World Of Warcraft: Undermine Guilds

  1. hi, i used to play Wow a lot since its first released in us, since 2004 i think, i live in phil btw, i have grouped with a small guild but enjoyed their company, suddenly some of the members get tired of the game or some family matters comes then they started to slowly disappear im trying to get back, but couldnt find the right peer, and good friends i love team work btw its just im looking for fun and enjoyment and company not a career in wow, i miss those days, btw i stopped playing over a year already, i was hoping of playing with the burning crusade coming out,

  2. Hello,I am the GM of Dies Irae, a casual players guild. We are looking for more members, if your horde side, you can contact either Keiki or Haro(me) for more info.

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