World of Warcraft: New Forum Avatars

WoW. i cant wait to get my hands on both the Draenei and the Blood Elves! The World of Warcraft Forums have been upgraded, Here is a list of the new features:

– Updated Character Avatars
– Displayed Talent Builds
– Easier Navigation and Menus
– Increased Signature Space
– Honor Rank Display

BTW, for those wondering WHERE i got these from; it’s from the blizzard wow forums itself (errr i linked it on top of the page). It’s all over the wow forums, guys. lol. and D’oh! Blizzard has been running previews of the BC classes wayy before the forum upgrade so you may wanna skip over to the Burning Crusade Info page for the complete info. And uhhh yeah, Blood Elves are able to become Hunters. Why? ask Blizzard. =)

To view sample Level 60 race avatars,




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