Grinding, Priests and Blue Drops

So, i was in Tarren Mill grinding away and trying to decimate the local bear and mountain lion population (without success lol) when suddenly…my first blue drop on the server! [Sentry Cloak]. Not exactly the best blue drop in its range, but ill take it.

One good thing about priests in new servers is that you frequently get requests to join this team or that in instances. Wailing Caverns. Ragefire Chasm. Shadowfang Keep. The love keeps on coming. Once guilds settle in and define their members, this practice will lessen.

After multiple 60s and having seen almost every nook and cranny of Azeroth, you cant really fault a guy for just grinding. Target a mob. Kill it. Target another mob. Kill it. Now on to the next Mob. I feel like a bot (for the Nth time)

Author: Kiven
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