Game Over for Gamesmaster Philippines.


No more continues? Hmmm the rumored closing of Gamesmaster Philippines is true, after all. I cant think of many reasons why they would shut down an already widespread publication; except that it probably involved money. I wouldnt be surprised if Summit releases their own local bred gaming publication similar to Game! Magazine. Gamesmaster PH is dead, Long live Gamesmaster PH.

Author: Kiven
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2 thoughts on “Game Over for Gamesmaster Philippines.

  1. I love GamesMaster Philippines!

    I like read GamesMaster for PC!

    I need buy GM Magazine for FREE CD Games!

    Thank you so very much no.1 GMmagazine!!! ;)

    u guys are wayy better than Gamepro in US
    That`s the awsome mag i have ever had in my whole life…
    and just endz…..
    awwww…by the way…
    i like the preview about Ran Online….

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