CCGs and TCGs for the Pinoy Gamer: Part 1

ccg and tcgs for pinoys

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I started playing Magic: The Gathering Circa 1994-95. I started off by buying a friend’s deck but eventually settled into the color black.My firstall black deck had all the good stuff necro decks would have. Hippies, Mind Twist, Black Knights, Blood Rituals and my fave creature: The Sengir Vampire. It wasnt a weene deck but it was definitely an active control deck. i even put in some Animate Deads to mix things up a bit. This was the deck that powered me to a third place finish at the only Pisay Magic Tournament (Magic got banned after that since it was supposedly affecting our studies).

When i graduated and moved to UP Diliman, i also dabbled quite a bit in the Legend of the 5 Rings CCG then under Alderac then was bought Wizards (which was since bought back by Alderac). I played the Scorpion Clan and the Shadowlands. I chose the Scorpion Clan becuase of their shady backstory, the clan Ninjas and Bayushi Kachiko. I didnt win that much using the slow and controlling pace of the Scorpion but i sure did win many matches with my Shadowlands Deck (just dont fight a phoenix). First Turn Oni no Akuma and Desperate Measures and its rumble time!

CCGs/TCGs once occupied most of my waking hours. Me and a couple of friends used to hang around Robinsons Mall in Ortigas and in Virra Mall in Greenhills just to trade, sell and play cards with the regulars. I even remember we had sold so much cards that we had some extra money to eat at this chiniese restaurant sa GH. Ah, The good times. Pag walang pera naman eh, Burgersteak with a large does of the hot sauce tapos inom na lang ng tubig.

We even had this Magic deck that had only dual lands for resources. If i remember correctly it was a BGW ErnhamGeddon Deck with Time Twister and other fun stuff. We deliberately played the deck without protection, resulting to the gasps and arrghs opf the players around us.

More in the next installment.

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