Back in World of Warcrack…(again)

back in wow

Im back. for the nth time. This time on the relatively new RP server: Sentinels. Yep, Im back to my old World of Warcraft Habits. 15 levels in a day or so. I still remember to do the quests and i still remember how to maximize playing time even after such a long layoff. It’s kinda like riding a bike, you know.

Not too much has changed in the newbie areas, although performance/stability wise i think its a lot better than when i started in December 25th of 2004. Same old Durotar. Same old Orgrimmar. Yep, you guessed it. I am Horde and forever will be one. Sure, i tinker with some alliance alts as well but the Horde will always have a special place in my heart. And when the expansion hits, ill be the one of first in line to try out the new race and be a Horde Paladin. The Alliance still has things easier when doing raids but there is something about the Horde that makes them more interesting to play. Maybe its because, ironically, we are the underdog in almost every server. or maybe its just because we dance better than our alliance counterparts….

Author: Kiven
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