Wrestling Spirit 2

wrestling spirit 2

Phoenix, AZ June 14, 2006 – Grey Dog Software, a Phoenix based developer of sports management simulation software for personal computers, today announces “Wrestling Spirit 2” to be released June 29, 2006. “Wrestling Spirit 2” is the sequel to “Wrestling Spirit: Rookie to Legend”, and is scheduled to be available for digital download exclusively through Grey Dog Software for U.S. $24.95.”

The Wrestling Spirit series is created by the same guy who brought us the Extreme Wrestling series, Adam Ryland. Like its predeccessor, Wrestling Spirit 2 is a text based sim that allows players to live the life of a professional wrestler, win and try to make him the best in the world.

No, you have a very low probability of finding a crack. and yes, they accept PH based credit cards.

Feature Set:

  • Two brand new modes: “Pro League” and “World League”. What would happen if pro wrestling was organized like a real sport? You can now find out in these innovative new sections, as you take control of a wrestler and take part in a competitive league, battling it out over the course of a season as you fight against fellow grapplers to decide promotions, relegations, and to answer the ultimate question; who is the true world champion of wrestling?
  • Updated versions of the popular Wrestling Spirit career modes “Rookie to Legend” and “Superstar Challenge”. Take control of a wrestler and guide him through his career, fighting his matches, earning new contracts, and making and breaking friendships. Updated to take into account the feedback we have had from WreSpi1 players, these two modes take your wrestling career to the next level!
  • By popular request, Wrestling Spirit 2 now allows the simulation of CPU vs CPU matches, allowing you to sit back and watch the action unfold. Ideal for e-fed owners, who can use this to simulate entire shows.
  • Massive gaming depth. After the extreme popularity of the in-depth records found in “Total Extreme Wrestling 2005”, WreSpi2 boasts equally expansive data and histories, ranging from complete competitive histories for every character in the game to accurate histories for every title belt.
  • In-depth editing suite allowing customization of virtually every part of the game world, from what promotions are available to whether a wrestler is bald!
  • Demo Available:

    Beginning June 22, 2006 Grey Dog Software will offer a free limited-time demo of “Wrestling Spirit 2”. Before purchasing WreSpi2, players will be allowed to download and try out the entire game.

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