When is a basketball sim not a sim?

I finally got the chance to be part of a NBA 2k6 Xbox 360 League over Xbox Live, thanks to Rob/GM of PinoyXbox for the invite. Called Pure Sim, the league is invite only and you need to play sim in order to be accepted.

So, how do you play sim?

The league has actually instituted 3 major rules on how to play namely: shoot no more than 50% from the paint, only attempt a fastbreak after a turnover or your opponent goes for the full court press, and third always give a good feedback to your opponent. These rules were instituted to promote a balanced game and to make it closer to what real basketball is like. At least that is what Rob intended the league to be.

Its early in the season and already you will find whiners in the forums. Some are already up in arms that their opponent doesnt play sim, They argue that the league requires you to shoot no more than 50% from the paint, but does that mean that you wont feed a strong low post player like Tim Duncan even though he’s up against a vastly inferior defender with no double teams coming? Basketball is a game of adjustments, If you cant stop my post man, then ill just keep coming at you. Just like in real life.

Another thing being ranted on is off the ball defense. This means the defending player isnt guarding the player with the ball but is in control of another player usually the PF or C. This makes it easier to defend the lane in case of penetration since the defending player is actively patrolling the lane. Since you cant “camp” in the lane for more than 2.9 seconds, the game actually balances itself by forcing the inside man to be actively moving in and out of the lane, which leads to the possibility of his man getting free. This is basically a variation on the zone defenses available and shouldnt surprise anyone with a bit of understanding of how the “zone” works.

Finally, Giving good feedback to opponents after every game should be a must. whether you are in a league or in a random lobby match, you should always respect your opponent. Sadly, there are a lot of losers on Xbox Live who give you bad feedback for no apparent reason. Dont be surprised if a guy you pounded by 40 points gives you a good feedback while someone who edges you by 1 gives you negative feedback.

I have spoken to Rob about the issues and as far as he is concerned, everybody in the league plays sim. Im hoping the league gets better as the playoffs get nearer.

Author: Kiven
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