Oblivion and Test Drive Unlimited (XBOX 360)

TES4:Oblivion may not be for everyone but for those who REALLY are into RP gaming should check this game out. For those in the GTA generation, think of it as GTA Medieval Fantasy Style but instead of jacking cars, you can steal horses. or cups. or spoons or whatever household ware you choose.

While it may seem overwhelming especially to gamers used to Japanese RPGs where you basically go from point A to B and to new gamers to the series; TES4 Oblivion is a good example of a freeform world where you can follow the beaten path or seek adventure by veering off of it.

It aint perfect, requiring a beast of a rig to run, the 360 version has some framerate issues but these serve as minor distractions to the otherwise excellent production.

Patrick Stewart, Linda Carter,LOTR’s Sean Bean and Superman’s Terence Stamp do provide stunning voiceovers. TNG fans will get a kick out of Picard telling you to “..shut the jawsss….of Oblivion.” Terence Stamp will likewise impress with his spot on rendition of Mankar while Wonderwoman does the voices for the Nord women in the game and Sean Bean doing the role of Martin Septim.

Check out my Review of TES4 Oblivion in the May issue of Game! Magazine Philippines.

in other news, here are some screenies of Test Drive Unlimited for the 360. courtesy of TXB.

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