The Elder Scrolls 4 : Blissful Oblivion

Dear Mom,

Ill be away for a couple of days/months/years for a vacation in the Imperial province of Cyrodiil. I hear that the grass, trees and landscape looks absolutely stunning over there. Unlike in our province of Morrowind, people are actually doing getting things done in Cyrodiil, opening shops in the morning,maybe hanging out in the tavern in the evening and occasionally chatting about news about the Emperor’s Death. People here are also more tolerant of other races.
Whats funny is, i was immediately locked up for no apparent reason once i stepped across the Boundary. Good thing the Emperor Uriel Septim actually was the one who sprung me from prison, all the while muttering about destruction of Tamriel blah blah blah and something about dreams. He even gave me an amulet which i think is worth 10 times the worth of our local magistrate. What a nice guy! Too bad some wiseass assassins got him while we were making our escape through the dungeon. Once outside i was amazed at how err…. grassy it looks. I even sent you some paintings to show how it looks over here (ignore the behind the back poses). Even though i loved trekking and silt striders, i actually was able to “acquire” a horse from one very occupied individual.
Finally, traveling in style! Hope to write again soon, Dont forget to feed the striders.


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