Finally, after almost two months (2 araw na lang) my Orc Hunter on the Feathermoon Server reached the current maximum level cap of Level 60. Yahoo! (palakpak naman dyan…..hehehe.).Owned!.

Now you can find me farming on Feathermoon or maxing out my Mage Tustado at the new Shadow Council Server.

BTW just a small rant, The WoW forums have some of the most immature and childish gamers i have ever seen/read.

Author: Kiven
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8 thoughts on “WoW: LEVEL 60

  1. Congratulations sa yo!

    Kiven, if you want to play a Priest or Druid alliance side, you’re welcome to join my guild in Medivh. tutulungan ka naming magpower level.

    from Elilane (LVL 60 Mage, Guild: The Dawnbringers, Realm: Medivh)

  2. Hey! Just wanna invite you to create a toon in Bonechewer :D.

    There’s a mostly-pinoy guild over there, “Tribo Habagat”, consisting of a lotta ex-RO and FFXI players. Just pm Zarrkal, Minorous, Grahl, Bobetski, or Gremir for an invite :D

    BTW, we are one of the top 3 guilds on the server and are just starting to do Molten Core runs :)

  3. shet naman oh….may mga pinoy guild pala dyan sa ibang server. i want to move to a pinoy guild but i just got my helmet of Ten Storms from onyxia

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