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I watched this Korean movie (pati Let the Love beginnnnn…) today with Grace and overall it was a pretty good film, now i know what those Korean/ Asian Movie buffs are gushing about. I won’t torture you with a with an indepth review because you can just google for “My Sassy Girl” and get literally hundreds of different opinions.Very Charismatic Leads,Comedic 1st half,Emotional Last Half.A Great Movie overall.

Author: Kiven
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5 thoughts on “My Sassy Girl

  1. ehhehe… maganda yan, napanood ko na din yan.. hehehe, me kasunod yan, maganda din, “windstruck”… hehehehe

  2. @hannu – maganda nga ehehehe

    @nyss-yeah cute nga ito hehehe

    @sweatdrop – oo nga bro eh pero napaka believable nung actor, just a everyday person in terms of looks pero swak na swak mga emotes nya bwahahaha

  3. Oo nga sweatdrop, super-kengkoy ang itsura niya!


    Buti nalang they ended up together in the end.


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