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McDonald’s Delivery Online, Clicking on Convenience


Let’s face it; people today are glued to their computers. Whether you are a student finishing a term paper or an employee preparing a monthly report, most of the day is spent in front of a monitor while furiously punching keys and clicking the mouse.

Often times, in between that term paper or that report, hunger strikes. We stop for a moment to think of the fastest and most convenient way to get great tasting food without any hassle. McDonald’s provides the solution by offering new ways for utmost customer convenience. McDonald’s has recently developed a new way to access its 24×7 Mcdelivery through the power of the internet. Now customers can have delicious, quality food at affordable prices with only a few clicks, anytime of the day.

Ordering at McDonald’s Delivery Online is so easy and convenient. Visit the website at and click on a menu category to select your order. Choose from a wide selection of McDonald’s burgers or chicken, grab & go breakfast, desserts and new offers; whatever you are in the mood for! Click on your selected food item and drag your order to the food tray. A pop-up box will appear for meal options – beverage preference, meal quantity and upgrade selections. Once this has been completed, check your ordered food and your total bill will be computed for you instantly. Finally, after completing delivery information, click the button “Ok, I’m Done,” and a customer service representative will give you a call to confirm to call your order. There you have it. McDonald’s will deliver your favorite meals right at your doorstep, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Visit the website at now and experience the convenience of McDonald’s delivery online.

McDonald’s Delivery Online initially serves customers in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, Davao, Laguna (San Pedro and Sta. Rosa), Lipa, Pamapanga, and Tarlac. Customers in other areas may order by calling the McDonald’s Delivery Service contact numbers found in the website. 24-hour delivery is initially offered in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu only.

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