Magic: The Gathering Arena announced!

What is Magic: The Gathering Arena?
Take the magic ruleset and modernize Magic: The Gathering’s digital client to something that is more watchable such as Hearthstone, and you get Arena.

How does Arena affect Magic Online?
As per Wizards, MTGO will still be a separate product as detailed here.

Is Arena going to be free to play?
Yes, according to the initial Arena stream (Watch it here). Players will get the chance to earn cards or currency in order to buy new boosters. Think Hearthstone or Elder Scrolls: Legends.

What sets will be supported?
Standard will be fully supported starting from Ixalan and onwards. Don’t hope for older sets.

Why am i not excited?
Shutting down Duels was a sign that if you put money in a digital product aside from MTGO, you will never get the chance to get some of it back.
They really need to be be building a platform that can carry over my purchased cards at full retail price.

Why am i excited?
It seem’s like Wizards has finally figured out how to make a decent modern digital product. But if they want me to invest time and money, they better support it for more than just a year like what they did to Duels or Magic 2014/20165 on PC.

How do i get into the Beta?
Sign up for the closed Beta at

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