Dimension of Dragonball Z – Legendary Super Saiyan Broly

Megahouse has just released the Dimension of Dragonball Z – Legendary Super Saiyan Broly figure and it was worth the wait! Standing at 250mm or 9.84 inches, This Broly figure from the uber popular anime/manga franchise is bigger and taller than Goku’s Dimension of Dragonball Z version as you can see from a shot of mine below. I’m very happy with the sculpt and the paint, although i really wish it had joints so i can pose his whole body and not just the head. But still, I’m happy as the figure is fantastic especially at its price range of about 3.8-4.2K php (based on Greenhills shop prices)

Here are some pics of Broly, The Legendary Saiyan from Megahouse DOD:

Author: Kiven
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