Download Mabinogi Duel Global CBT for Android

Nexon has launched the closed beta test of their latest android game called Mabinogi Duel. It is a mobile trading card game where you collect and level up various characters to fight in the fantasy themed campaign or against other gamers in the Arena.
First impressions of the game are it has beautiful 2d artwork, modern style UI and is very responsive on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I haven’t encountered any game breaking bugs yet though the other more complex modes definitely need more explanation.


Mabinogi Duel, an authentic TCG on mobile, with totally different level of strategy!
?The card game competing with REAL strategy?
You will play the game with 12 cards on your hand without draw.
Enjoy your victory not by a luck, but with elaborate strategies!
?TCG with a whole new level of strategy comes into mobile?
You can enjoy the authentic TCG on mobile with 12 compact decks.
?SoulLink: You can ACTUALLY exchange your cards!?
You can exchange your cards with your friends in near through the SoulLink!
?Single Play: Based on the unique scenario?
You can learn various game rules and cards by running through the scenario mode.
?Arena: Fierce battles with genuine strategy?
Arena, the place of genuine strategies striving for mastery!
You can compete with other decks by registering customized decks in the Arena!
You can receive the very special rewards following the result!
?Friendly Duel & Rankers Duel: the Real-time battle of strategies?
You can enjoy 1:1 Real-time battle with SoulLink!
More wins bring you the higher rank! You can reach advanced level by joining 1:1 Friendly Duels.
Achieve your official rank certificate!
?Experience various strategies?
5 different resources! Generations are keeping updated even NOW!
You can design a great variety of strategies with highly-qualified cards.

Download Mabinogi Duels for Android:

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