Sistar – Touch My Body Music Video

Korean Pop Group Sistar has just released a new music video for their single “Touch my Body” from their new album Touch N Move. Look at what Billboard has to say about thhe group’s new summer music video:

…”Touch My Body” has a super-catchy chorus that topped off with seductive verses that see SISTAR leader Hyolyn taking lead on vocals with her Mariah Carey-like delivery, but the underrated Dasom nailing an impressive belt on the second verse. The group’s MC, Bora, brings a fun rap section that’s been missing from recent girl-group singles (e.g. Girl’s Day’s “Darling,” f(x)’s “Red Light,” Girls’ Generation’s “Mr.Mr.”).


– Album Title : The 2nd Mini Album “TOUCH N MOVE”
– Title Song : TOUCH MY BODY
– Release date: 2014.07.21
– Facebook SISTAR :
– Twitter SISTAR :

I also included the practice video which if you’re a KPOP fan, shouldn’t suprise you one bit. As expected, I’m loving resident Bora’s rap section as some of you know I’m a big Bora fan. It’s also quite a sexy video though but on par for Sistar’s past MVs.

SISTAR(???) TOUCH MY BODY Practice Video

1. Wow
2. Touch my Body
3. ???(Feat. VerbalJint) _Naughty Hands
4. But I Love U
5. OK GO!
6. Sunshine

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