Dragon’s Crown Quest Guide FAQ for Sony PS3 and Vita

Dragon’s Crown is the new side scrolling brawler action RPG from Vannilaware for the Sony PS3 and Vita. Check out the
Dragons Crown Quest Guide FAQ below:


IMPORTANT TIP – All quests can be done on Normal difficulty! But if you like a challenge, then go Inferno!!!!

1. First, names of dungeons and bosses you encounter. Note that B routes become available after you defeat Gazer in Lost Woods. This also ramps up the initial levels of A routes to lv17.

Ancient Temple bosses – Harpy (A route), Medusa (B route)
Old Capital bosses – Wyvern (A route), Red Dragon (B route)
Underground Labyrinth bosses – Doom Beetle (A route), Cyclops (B route)
Subterranean Fortress bosses – Minotaur (A route), Gargoyle Gate (B route)
Castle of the Dead Stage bosses – Vampire (A route), Wraith (B route)
Ghost Ship Cove bosses – Pirates (A route), Kraken (B route)
Forgotten Sanctuary bosses – Golem (A route), Arch Demon (B route)
Magician’s Tower bosses – Warlock (A route), Chimera (B route)
Lost Woods bosses – Gazer (A route), Killer Rabbit (B route)

2. Now for all the quests’ details. Unfortunately I don’t know their names, but it doesn’t matter – just look up G and XP value to find your quest.
G – how much gold you get
XP – how much experience points you get
PTS – how much skill points you get

QUEST 1 – 1000G, 750XP, 1PTS
Ancient Temple – unlock the background door, leading to hidden room with two orcs, two treasure chests, a barrel and two crates. Smash everything up.

QUEST 2 – 500G, 1500XP, 1PTS
While mounted on sabertooth tiger or dragon, kill 10 enemies.

QUEST 3 – 1000G, 2500XP, 1PTS
Underground Labyrinth A route – smack the fungi in the background. Some of them will drop little white pellets. Collect 10 pellets (note that some are in the room with Doom Beetle!).

QUEST 4 – 1250G, 3000XP, 1PTS
Subterranean Fortress A route – you’ll find two bonus rooms behind locked doors. In each of these rooms there are three Orcs sleeping, but in one of these rooms you’ll find a treasure chest. Open it without waking up sleeping Orcs.

QUEST 5 – 1500G, 3500XP, 1PTS
Defeat giant Spiders and collect 5 spider silk threads. There’s a lot of spiders in Castle of the Dead, A route.

QUEST 6 – 3500G, 1500XP, 1PTS
Ghost Ship Cove A route – get to bonus room behind a locked door. Kill the pirates in ensuing ambush, and then point at the pirate flag hanging on the wall to the right of the mast.

QUEST 7 – 1750G, 4000XP, 1PTS
Get hit by Hellhound’s firebreath five times.

QUEST 8 – 2000G, 5000XP, 1PTS
Magician’s Tower – on second screen knock down one of two shields on the wall, then grab it and deflect three magical missiles from the magi littering a room. A hidden door opens on the right wall. Enter and click on the doll at the background.

QUEST 9 – 2500G, 6000XP, 1PTS
Kill 30 Wood Golems, doesn’t matter where encountered.

QUEST 10 – 2000G, 8000XP, 1PTS
Kill 10 Owlbears, , doesn’t matter where encountered.

QUEST 11 – 1500G, 4000XP, 2PTS
Ancient Temple A route – in the room with the mural, click on the mural, then hack away at the wall to reveal a hidden room, and open the chest inside.

QUEST 12 – 3000G, 2000XP, 1PTS
Kill 10 Killer Fish, doesn’t matter where encountered.

QUEST 13 – 2000G, 4500XP, 1PTS
Underground Labyrinth A route – in one of the bonus rooms behind locked doors you’ll find a puzzle with 9 pressure plates. First kill all enemies inside and then step on white tile to reset the puzzle, in case you stepped on any colored tiles during battle. Then step on red, yellow, dark blue, and purple switch to raise the bars which are blocking access to the chest. Open the chest and done.

QUEST 14 – 3500G, 5000XP, 1PTS
Subterranean Fortress A route – in the area after the chef you’ll encounter some goblins with bombs. Kill them ASAP because you need a bomb to blow away the entrance. In this same area there is a tower with a crack on the entrance. Clicking it will cause narrator to tell that you need a bomb. Place the bomb in front of the crack to reveal a hidden room. Open the chest inside.

QUEST 15 – 6000G, 2000XP, 1PTS
Defeat 5 Wights (black skeletons, emitting blackish aura), doesn’t matter where encountered.

QUEST 16 – 50G, 100XP, 2PTS
Ghost Ship Cove A route – after you exit the first ship, you’ll be walking on a pier. Keep eyes peeled on background for a rock with a rune in shape of letter ‘O’. Perform rune magic “Open the Sesame” and voila. For good measure loot everything in hidden room.

QUEST 17 – 1500G, 4500XP, 1PTS
Magician’s Tower A route – in one of the rooms with many bookcases you’ll find a note on the wall saying you can read maximum of two books from the bookshelf to the right. Click twice on the bookshelf, and then hack away to reveal a hidden room. Open the chest inside.

QUEST 18 – 5500G, 3000XP, 1PTS
Lost Woods A route – after the successful trip with the boat, reach the area with breakable crystals. Collect 20 crystal shards for voila.

QUEST 19 – 6000G, 20000XP, 1PTS
Ancient Temple – defeat the Harpy without damaging the nest. Suggested action is to lure Harpy to left side of the screen and own it there. Best done solo.

QUEST 20 – 6000G, 20000XP, 1PTS
Old Capital – deplete Wyvern’s HPs to less than 50% so it starts calling reinforcements. Kill these new Wyverns, and each one defeated drops 3 eggs. Collect 12 of them and voila. Best done solo.

QUEST 21 – 6000G, 25000XP, 1PTS
Underground Labyrinth – when fighting Doom Beetle, allow Worms to transform into a cocoon. Destroy five cocoons before they hatch into weaker versions of Doom Beetle and voila.

QUEST 22 – 7000G, 25000XP, 1PTS
Subterranean Fortress – defeat the Minotaur in less than 2 minutes after entering the boss room.

QUEST 23 – 3000G, 40000XP, 1PTS
Castle of the Dead A route – check all bonus rooms behind locked doors and rescue three fair maidens. Ensure all of them survive until you get to the boss battle with Vampires, and make sure none are turned. If all three still live with Vampires defeated, consider yourself not a free man anymore.

QUEST 24 – 8000G, 30000XP, 1PTS
Ghost Ship Cove – in the boss battle with the pirates, eventually one will appear carrying the magic lamp. Kill this pirate and then grab the lamp immediately with Triangle. Hold Square to summon the genie for one point towards quest’s completion. You can continue pressing and holding Square for genie to do some fun stuff, like shock the pirates or toss them around with whirlwinds. Let loose of the lamp and repeat two more times for voila.

QUEST 25 – 8000G, 30000XP, 1PTS
Forgotten Sanctuary – defeat the boss Golem *without* activating your own. The guy is pretty resilient to magic damage, but luckily a lot of goblins spawn carrying bombs. “Loan” some bombs and toss them at the Golem until it’s dust. Perhaps it must be done solo?

QUEST 26 – 9000G, 35000XP, 1PTS
Magician’s Tower – own Warlock. Must be done solo.

QUEST 27 – 10000G, 35000XP, 1PTS
Lost Woods – after you accept the quest, you’ll get an item. Equip it in one of your slots and then go kill Gazer. Must be done solo. You can then remove the item.

QUEST 28 – 15000G, 15000XP, 1PTS
Kill 10 Gladiators (big muscular guys in armor), doesn’t matter where encountered.

QUEST 29 – 4500G, 7000XP, 1PTS
Ancient Temple – kill Harpy. Must be done solo.

QUEST 30 – 3000G, 3500XP, 1PTS
Old Capital A route – after one of the bonus rooms behind locked door, examine the wall two portions to the right. Narrator will say something about a female voice behind the wall. Hack away the wall and open the chest inside hidden room.

QUEST 31 – 500G, 1000XP, 2PTS
Underground Labyrinth B route – in a bonus room behind locked door you’ll find a bunch of Goblins inside, and a star symbol on the ground. Kill all Goblins, and extinguish all candles on the ground by sliding into them. Finally click on the head of the statue on the wall.

QUEST 32 – 10000G, 5000XP, 1PTS
After you accept the quest, you’ll get an item. Equip it and start smoldering Orcs (anywhere you can fight them) until you kill 50 of them. You can then remove the item.

QUEST 33 – 5000G, 8000XP, 1PTS
Castle of the Dead – defeat the Vampire team in less than two minutes after entering the boss room.

QUEST 34 – 2500G, 4500XP, 1PTS
Castle of the Dead, any route – whenever you encounter Ghosts, don’t kill them straight away. Stand in front of one and rotate your left stick three times clockwise in quick successive motion for the quest to register “You’ve done it!”.

QUEST 35 – 6000G, 2500XP, 1PTS
Ghost Ship Cove – when fighting Kraken, allow it to flood the cave by destroying all pillars. When you wake up in another cave somewhere, don’t exit right away. There’s a fish on the ground near the exit. Click on the fish and voila!

QUEST 36 – 15000G, 0XP, 1PTS
Forgotten Sanctuary B route – on your way you’ll find a blue door with a rune “K” on it. Perform rune magic The Skeleton Key to open the blue door, and enter the hidden room. Inside this room look for a plague with a rune “I” on it. Perform rune magic “DIE” and then open the chest that appears.

QUEST 37 – 4000G, 7500XP, 1PTS
Forgotten Sanctuary B route – just to the right of aforementioned blue door you’ll find a giant sigil on the ground. Don’t step into it just yet, but instead examine the statue further to the right and destroy it for voila.

QUEST 38 – 1000G, 10000XP, 1PTS
Magician’s Tower B route – after riding the magic carpet, examine the spinning wheel in top right corner of the room.

QUEST 39 – 3000G, 6000XP, 1PTS
Lost Woods A route – take a hike with the boat and allow it to break. Mission complete.

QUEST 40 – 5000G, 15000XP, 2PTS
Raise 30 dead companions in the temple.

QUEST 41 – 15000G, 50000XP, 1PTS
Ancient Temple – smoke weed with Medusa in a solo venture.

QUEST 42 – 100000G, 200000XP, 1PTS
Old Capital – extinguish Red Dragon’s flame in a solo venture.

QUEST 43 – 17500G, 60000XP, 1PTS
Underground Labyrinth – poke the Cyclops in the eye in a solo venture.

QUEST 44 – 20000G, 70000XP, 1PTS
Subterranean Fortress – peek through Gargoyle’s Gate keyhole in a solo venture.

QUEST 45 – 22500G, 90000XP, 1PTS
Castle of the Dead – raise to the dead with Wraith within 2 minutes since entering the boss room. I think the timer starts ticking as soon as Wraith appears in the arena-type area and you have to hack to next corridor thru the wall on the right. Quickly grab a torch and light the candle on goddess’ statue for Wraith to become vulnerable, then commence owning. Recommend to bring friends.

QUEST 46 – 5000G, 150000XP, 1PTS
Ghost Ship Cove – have Sorceress have fun with Kraken’s tentacles in a solo venture. Woohoo.

QUEST 47 – 27500G, 120000XP, 1PTS
Forgotten Sanctuary – tell Arch Demon that his lord sucks in a solo venture.

QUEST 48 – 25000G, 100000XP, 1PTS
Magician’s Tower – pull Chimera’s leg in a solo venture.

QUEST 49 – 40000G, 80000XP, 1PTS
Lost Woods – roast Killer Rabbit in a solo venture.

QUEST 50 – 2G, 0XP, 3PTS
Rescue 10 fairies trapped in cages. It doesn’t matter which dungeon you find them in.

Completing ALL 50 QUESTS will unlock 50 images in your gallery. You get another six by defeating Ancient Dragon with each class on Normal difficulty, and you get 57th picture by slaying Ancient Dragon with any class on Inferno difficulty.

Dragon’s Crown Game Quest FAQ Guide by Split Infinity at Gamefaqs.com

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