Level Up! Inc. buys E-Games

Level Up! Inc. buys E-Games! Shocker? No, Not really. The document below states a merger will take place but with most of E-Games titles and assets will be transfered to LUI. More on this as i contacted Level Up! for confirmation

Voluntary Trading Halt
Date : February 14, 2012

IP E-Game Ventures, Inc. (“EG” or the “Corporation”), in the attached disclosure dated February 14,
2012, stated that:
IP E-Game Ventures Inc. (E-Games), the listed online gaming subsidiary
(PSE:EG) of IP Ventures, Inc., and Level Up! Inc. (LUI), have reached an
agreement to merge their Philippine online game publishing businesses. On
February 14, the parties signed an agreement stating that most of E-Game’s titles
and assets relating to its game publishing business will be transferred to LUI and
the publishing operations of said titles will be merged into LUI’s associated online
game publishing company, Playweb Games Inc.
In exchange, E-Games will receive equity in LUI, a commercial interest in Playweb
Games Inc. (game publisher and operator of all game titles and services under the
Level Up! brand in the Philippines), and a cash consideration. The parties shall
work in good faith to complete the deal. The appropriate disclosures and
comprehensive statements shall be made at the appropriate time.
E-Games and LUI, as a merged entity, is expected to strategically benefit both
companies as a result of future operational synergies and savings.
. . . .
Likewise, attached in the disclosure is the Corporation’s press release on the matter.
In relation thereto, the Corporation, in a separate letter, requested the Exchange for a voluntary
trading halt of its shares. The Corporation stated that:
In relation to the corporate disclosure of IP E-Game Ventures, Inc. (“EG” or the
“Corporation”) entitled “EG and Level Up Combined Philippine Online Game
Publishing Businesses”, and in order to give the public sufficient time to digest the
said disclosure, the Corporation requests for

Thoughts regarding this merger/sale between 2 of the biggest online game publishers in the country:

1. Which office will be retained?
2. How much redundancy is there in the workforce given that LU! already trimmed down for the sale to MIH?
3. Netopia goes back to working with LU.
4. Which management officers of E-games will be incorporated into LU, if any?
5. Does this mean better service for Pinoy Gamers? Better Games?

I’m still pissed off Dragon Nest wasn’t carried by either of the 2 local publishing giants. Maybe as one company, they will be able to get bigger and better MMORPGs for the philippine gamer.

Read the PSE document re the sale of E-Games to Level Up!

Author: Kiven
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22 thoughts on “Level Up! Inc. buys E-Games

  1. if the e-games will be under LU! this will be great coz most of the OL games of e-games is corrupted by the people on the top (GM’s , Admins etc.)

  2. Hope E-Up will get Blades and Soul and Gunz 2.0 And RAGNAROK 2: The Legend of the Second.

  3. depende naman yan sa developer ng game. ang nagsosolve ng cheats mga bots mga may dapat i change sa game, developer un.. ang egames at level up publisher lng cla.

  4. hnd to mgnda =) dami tlga cheat sa lvl up tsaka mejo mas angat mga games ng e-games kesa sa knila..d nmn po biro2 ginagastos nmen sa Ran Online =) e sa lvl up puro cla BOT =)

  5. No, Level Up! Inc did not buy E-Games,Both Subsidiary only reached an merge agreement,meaning they share profits together until they reached another agreement to separate both subsidiary company

    In tagalog, Hindi binili ng Level Up! inc ang IP E-Games,yung dalawang subsidiary nagkaroon lang ng agreement na magmemerge sila,para mag share sila ng profits,hanggang magkaroon ng agreement sila na mag separate sila

    more profit=more money

    Asked nyo bakit both sila subsidiary?kasi ang Level Up! Inc ay subsidiary lamang n Playweb Games sa Pilipinas at ang IP E-Games ay subsidiary lamang ng IP Ventures inc.

  6.  bobo mo dn eh..d nga binili eh..merge lng tanga bobo ul0l pak you b1tch..

  7. Paano naman mabibili na Level Up! ang IP E-Games Ventures eh hindi nga kasama ang Level Up! sa PSE unlike IP E-Games Ventures

  8. Hindi binili ng Level Up! ang E-Games eh hindi nga makaya ng Level Up! mapsama sa PSE(Philippine Stock Exchange) hindi katulad ng E-Games na listed as EG (PSE:EG), dahil ang kaylangan ng 1 Billion Pesos para mapasama ang Corporation sa PSE, which means na hindi kaya ng Level Up! makakuha ng Ganun Income hindi katulad ng E-Games

    Kaya tayo napasabi na binili ng Level Up! ang E-Games dahil sinurender ng E-Games ang Capital nila, sa mga libro na nabasa ko, para sa mas successful ang Acquiring Corporation mag Acquire ng isa  na troubled Corporation, ibinibigay ng Corporation ang stocks ng corporation nya sa troubled na Corporation para at least ang inaacquire nyang corporation mag survive parin

    summary E-Games ang bumili sa Level Up! pero tinago nila ang katotohanan para nga hindi magmukhang troubled corporation na ang Level Up!,reply kayo dito kung may question pa

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