How to get Manticore / Apocalypse set quickly in Dragon Nest

Wondering how to get the Manticore or Apocalypse set quickly in Dragon Nest? Check out this Manticore/Apocalypse set farm guide below:

Apocalypse and Manticore Set in Dragon Nest

Manticore set info:
Apocalypse Set:

Where to farm?
Do Nameless Tyrant Tomb Abyss solo. Bring Dimensional Box Key.

Why you should do on Abyss mode?
– 2 Boss. And you can get Fire Runes, Intermediate Diamond Code and Fire Rune with Epic Code too.
– Royal Chest
– Gold Bunny / Silver Bunny

Silver Bunny:
– Intermediate Revert Cube.(75silver each)
– 15 pcs Fragment of Dimensional Gem. (1gold 50silver)
– Nest Ticket (3gold each)

Gold Bunny:

– Epic Skill Plate

Farm this 6 hours a day. In 6 hours you can get 1 Apocalypse or 1 Manticore Part :)

Buy all the mats in Trading House. To save 20%~30% gold than buying the whole part itself. You must be money wise also. Do not rush! If you need a rare mat and you see an Over Price rare mat in TH.

What you should do before you do this?
– Finish all your Nest runs(Manticore / Apocalypse) normal and hell mode (sell mats)
– Finish all you Theme park runs(Just horse race and warehouse will do) (trade ticket for Intermediate Crystal Code)
– Chaos Opening(Baera / Kamala) (sell all frags)(can get mats too!) like Microgenerator / Fire Rune / Red Titanium Horn

This will be your part time job. After that you can stick to NTT abyss.’


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