Ultimaze (iOS) / Trapezoid (Android)

Ultimaze (iOS) / Trapezoid (Android) is an exciting new puzzle game from publisher Animoca/Totally Apps Holdings (iOS) /Outblaze Ventures(Android) and philippine game developer FunGuy Studio. Developed in Unity3D, Ultimaze/Trapezoid is a physics based puzzle game where you control ball through a series of mazes that go up, down, sideways and sometimes even upside down!

Ultimaze (iOS) / Trapezoid (Android) screenshots

UPDATED: 4/17/12
Download for iOS (iPhone 4 and 4S recomended)

FREE Download for Android (Android 2.2+, ARM7,built-in GPU recommended)

Official Ultimaze/Trapezoid Description on the App Stor and Android Marketplace:
The ultimate maze and puzzle challenge is now in your hands with Ultimaze!
Ultimaze is a three-dimensional maze and a puzzle game that will take you on a virtual gaming experience like no other.

You control the world of Ultimaze where you will find yourself going up vertical walls, going through portals and jumping from one track to another. The challenge? Don’t fall off and we will give you the chance to compete against everyone else.

* Experience 3 Spectacular Mazes!
* Customize your balls!
* See how fast you can complete a maze by unlocking the stars!
* Compete Globally against other players!

Disclaimer: I worked as the project manager on this project. Support Pinoy Game Developers!

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