DoTA 2 Beta Review and Screenshots

Valve’s DOTA2 Beta is well underway and we have a list of impressions as well as a ton of DOTA 2 Screenshots for you:

Massive DOTA 2 BETA Screenshots (Impressions after the gallery)


DOTA 2 Beta Impressions

–                    User Interface similar to HoN

–                    Selectable Match Making Servers (US West, US East, Europe, SEA, China, etc…)

–                    You can observe ongoing matches, view recently finished game details

–                    Detailed match statistics (live and recent)

–                    You can rejoin game when you get disconnected or when your client crashes

–                    You can invite members into a party and then match make

–                    Some tabs aren’t working yet (Learn & Socialize)

–                    Match Making takes a bit long, but you can spectate live matches while waiting for your game to be ready.

–                    Exp system not yet implemented (Although your Win/Loss/Abandoned game are displayed, including your recently used heroes.)

–                    You have an option to report players, as well as commend them, which you have 10 tickets for.

–                    In the hero select phase window, There’s a dropdown box to highlight heroes with the specific role you selected on the dropdown (Tank/Support/Carry/Pusher/Ganker).

–                    Already selected heroes don’t disappear on the selection window, which is a bit confusing.

–                    Graphics options only have a view details implemented

–                    Graphics wise, very need. Very fluid animation. Although sometimes you need to set the “Show Player Names” on to see your hero during a very big clash.

–                    Attack/Move cursor doesn’t look much different from the normal cursor, which is a bit confusing.

–                    Shop in base has been centralized. You don’t have to click different buildings to shop. Default button is “.”

–                    There are also a preset items tab to help beginners to know the right items for your selected hero.

–                    Screen shakes when your hero takes in damage. Shakes harder when stunned.

–                    You can rebind hero hotkeys. As well as item hotkeys

–                    Recipe’d items will be assembled as soon as your hero reaches the base.

–                    There’s a quickbuy tab on top of your inventory where you can drag items from the shop, so you don’t have to open the shop to find and buy a specific item. (Dragged recipe’d items will show its components that you don’t possess yet.). Just right click to buy the items.

–                    Added Gylph of Fortification button on the UI with a timer.

–                    A Throne/Tree hp bar shown on the game UI when it starts taking damage could be useful too.

–                    A post-match chat lobby should be added.


Thanks to CJ Padilla for the impressions and screenshots!

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