Perfect World: Genesis

I first saw a trailer of Perfect World: Genesis at Level Up! Live 2011 and it was very well done.

Perfect World: Genesis Trailer

Players will be able to participate in helping to restore the world back to its Perfect state. What changes has the destruction brought upon our Perfect World? What new challenges await you? Prepare yourself for Genesis!


– New Race  –  The Earthguard
– Two new classes –  “Seeker” and “Mystic”
– New areas to explore
– New dungeons
– New monsters and gear
– New guild bases

And now, a look at the Earthguard race and its two new classes!

Earthguard Seeker

The Seeker, possessing incredible strength, expertly wields a massive two-handed claymore. His weapon can be infused with various arcane powers, which, in combination with heavy armor, makes him a fearsome force on any battlefield. Seekers can be male or female.


Earthguard Mystic

The Mystic is a magic-user who draws her power from the planet. In doing so, she has the ability to cast nature-based auras and summon powerful entities to fight by her side. Mystics can be male or female.


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