NBA 2K12 Philippines Release Date

NBA 2K12 will be available on October 4 at your local Datablitz Branches. We already reserved ours, unless you want to wait in line (trust me, unless you are getting in some remote datablizt store: YOU WILL experience the line when 2k12 is released)

UPDATE: Revising release date to October 7 as per datablitz. or better yet – get it on Steam instead:

Check out the Game intro for NBA 2k12 here:

NBA 2k12 Controls Trailer

Awesome Thanks to the Operation Sports Guys for the video. They got their NBA 2k12 copy even ahead of the regular videogame press. IMBA.

Pinoy virtual ballers: See you online in NBA 2k12!

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2 thoughts on “NBA 2K12 Philippines Release Date

  1. Irs already october 5. no 2k12 at datablitz or itech. They said october 7 sure release. Tsk tsk tsk.

  2. oops revising to october 7 as per datablitz. or better yet – get it on steam

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