Is this Diablo 3’s Secret Level? (Spoilers)

Is this Diablo 3’s answer to the secret Cow Level in the previous games?

Gamers poking around in the Beta file found these information about a funny secret level for Diablo 3. Is it legit? Maybe this is Blizzard’s answer to all the people who said the graphics in Diablo 3 looked cartoony.

A4_1000MonsterFight_Encounter_Name Boss: Battle For Ponies
A4_1000MonsterFight_Taunt_Text The battle for ponies is about to begin.
A4_1000MonsterFight_Join_Instruction {s1} is about to witness
A4_1000MonsterFight_Enter_Instruction You are about to witness
A4_1000MonsterFight_Info_Text The rest of your party will be able to teleport in once you enter
BridlePurpose_Encounter_Name The Pinnacle of Ponies Event
BridlePurpose_Join_Instruction {s1} is about to enter
BridlePurpose_Enter_Instruction You are about to enter
BridlePurpose_Info_Text The rest of your party will be able to teleport in once you enter

Ponies_HopePrison Hope’s Prison
PoniesPurificationTimer Purification Timer
Bridle_Ponies Bridle
BridleRitual_Encounter_Name Cells of the Condemned Event
BridleRitual_Join_Instruction {s1} is about to enter
BridleRitual_Enter_Instruction You are about to enter
BridleRitual_Info_Text The rest of your party will be able to teleport in once you enter

Dressage_Encounter_Name Boss: The Larder
Dressage_Taunt_Text Defeat the demon Dressage!
Dressage_Join_Instruction {s1} is about to enter
Dressage_Enter_Instruction You are about to enter
Dressage_Info_Text The rest of your party will be able to teleport in once you enter

Quest_Act4_PoniessFall_MonkReward Magic Fist Weapon
Quest_Act4_PoniessFall_DHReward Magic Hand Crossbow
Quest_Act4_PoniessFall_BarbReward Magic Weapon
Quest_Act4_PoniessFall_WDReward Ceremonial Dagger
Quest_Act4_PoniessFall_WizReward Magic Wand

TentacleHorse Rainbow Western
Unique_TentacleHorse_A Midnight Sparkle
TentacleHorse_B_Unique Nightmarity
Unique_TentacleHorse_A Nightmare is Magic
Unique_TentacleHorse_B Generosity in Death


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