Globe pulls out Tonino Lamborghini USB broadband sticks

Memo to Globe’s Social Monitoring Radar Team: Customers don’t care kung Lamborghini pa yan or Tukneneng as long as gumagana as advertised..

MANILA, Philippines – Threatened by a lawsuit despite claiming it had gotten authority from a Singapore-based master franchisor to use the Tonino Lamborghini brand on its latest mobile broadband sticks, Globe Telecom Inc. has pulled out the product from the market.

Company officials said they would rather wait until they have fully clarified the matter with Italy-based Tonino Lamborghini, maker of hand-made watches.

According to Globe spokesperson Yoly Crisanto, Globe has temporarily ceased marketing and selling the Tonino Lamborghini broadband stick which is enabled with High-Speed Packet Access-plus, or HSPA+, mobile technology.

The Italy-based firm earlier described Globe’s Tonino Lamborghini Internet stick as a counterfeit product because it never gave the cellular firm the authority to use the “Tonino Lamborghini” brand.

“Tonino Lamborghini s.r.l. has never manufactured or authorized anyone to manufacture such a product, which constitutes therefore a serious trademark infringement,” Lamborghini said in the statement posted on its website.

“Moreover the advertising campaign ‘Feed your need for speed’ featuring Marlon Stockinger, first Filipino to win a formula race in Europe, is deceitful and unlawful since it leads to a serious likelihood of confusion between two different and separate brands and businesses that is to say ‘Tonino Lamborghini’ and ‘Automobili Lamborghini,'” he added.

“Tonino Lamborghini s.r.l. shall take any legal action to protect the brand.”

Globe’s Tonino Lamborghini Tattoo broadband stick features the Italy-based company’s name and logo, with racer Marlon Stockinger as an endorser.

Tonino Lamborghini is known for hand-made luxury watches while Automobili Lamborghini is a car manufacturer.

Meantime, Globe continues to sell its usual Globe Tattoo sticks while efforts continue to remedy the problem. “The usual Tattoo sticks are still available, just to be on the safe side with Lamborghini Italy. This should be fixed soon,” Crisanto added.

Reacting to the lawsuit earlier, Globe had claimed it “obtained authorization to use the name and logo Tonino Lamborghini through an agreement with Primo Mobile, the master franchisor of mobile phone-related products for the Italian brand Tonino Lamborghini.”

“Primo Mobile is a Singapore-based company that has a master license agreement with Tonino Lamborghini s.r.l. and is duly authorized to sub-license the use of the Tonino Lamborghini logo. The design of the Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini 4G broadband stick was reviewed and approved by Primo Mobile,” it said.

Globe had touted its Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini broadband stick as faster than most Internet connections, boasting speeds of up to 10 megabytes per second—though only in select areas in Metro Manila, where Globe’s HSPA+ network has coverage.


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2 thoughts on “Globe pulls out Tonino Lamborghini USB broadband sticks

  1. Faster than most internet connections..Then licensing from a watch manufacturer?  Does that makes sense? Hey would you like to buy a watch that runs faster?  Obviously Globe licensed from the wrong Lamborghini.

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