Dragon Nest: Guide to Making Money

Check out this guide to making money in Dragon Nest made by Puru:

i. Introduction to Making Money in Dragon Nest

Hello, I’ve hit a reasonable amount of money on Dragon Nest and I’m hoping to help others who are questioning “how to make more money on Dragon’s Nest” or “what is the easiest way to make money on Dragon’s Nest”. I’ve hit over 1k gold within a week and a half on Dragon’s Nest. I find that a great milestone. Although others do surpass my wealth on the server, my knowledge and experience is still high enough to help others out.

ii. Crude Onyx Farming
We all know what Crude Onyx’s are, don’t we? You should by now. All dungeons that are level 16+ drop Crude Onyx’s and not those crumby Onyx fragments. You can easily farm these Crude Onyx’s in dungeons such as Astral Coven or Sanctuary Nexus, where a lot of mobs spawn. The two dungeons listed above are where I feel are the strongest places to Crude Onyx farm.

Crude Onyx farming I find is the most consistent way to make money. You are almost guaranteed to make money, although it may not be at the fastest rate. You could average about 25-30g an hour atleast. On average, I find that Crude Onyx’s drop at a minimum of 2-3 per a dungeon run. Remember this is a minimum. At level 24, a masters run on Astral should take you no less then 3 minutes with decent gear. Theoretically, if it takes you 3 minutes a dungeon, and you average 2-3 Crude Onyx’s at bare minimum then…
You will average about 40-60 Crude Onyx’s an hour. Depending on how much they sell for on your server determines on your Gold/Hour. On Argenta, as of Aug 7th, a stack of crude Onyx’s can be sold very quickly in the market for 25g a stack, but are sold on average 28g, atm.

Remember, This is the most consistent way to make money in Dragon Nest, but it may seem rather boring and repetitive. If you are trying to make money fast, perhaps consider the other options below.

iii. Rare Item Hunting
Along with Crude Onyx farming, you can mix it along with Rare Item Hunting. Rare items such as level 24 set gear, rings and plates. This may not be as consistent as Crude Onyx farming because after 5+ runs, you might not even run into an item that’s worth something. Although I do not know which dungeon statistically will make the most money, you can grind on Abyss lower leveled dungeons, (Coven, Cloister, etc…) to find rare items such as a level 24 rare weapon or armor. You can also grind on Masters (Sanctuary Nexus, Manticore, etc…) because these dungeons do still drop 23+ gear on masters.

Also you can consider getting rare sparks from pretty much every dungeon which sell quite nicely.

You could make a lot of money off this method by getting lucky and stumbling upon rare items. I’ve had some instances where I’ve found a nice level 20+ rare ring, with 25m. dmg on it that sold for over 200g.

Also you could hunt for boss drops such as a Poison Essence, Photos, Chain etc… Almost every boss has a rare drop that is used for crafting which you can sell in the market for a good price.

iv. Merchanting
Merchanting is occurs in almost every MMO. If you are not familiar with merchanting, here’s a quick definition. Buy for less, sell for more. It’s self explanatory. You simply hunt in the market/all chat to see if anyone is selling something underpriced. There will always be that impatient seller who is willing to sell for less. Take advantage of that and buy from that seller, then sell that item at its original price. This method requires patience, if you do not have the patience to sell, then I recommend you try out the other methods.

Here let me give you an example:
There is a stack of Crude Onyx in the market being sold for 20g. You know that a stack of Crude Onyxs can be sold for atleast 25g+ in the market. Quickly purchase that stack for 20g and resell it for 25g+ and you will make a 5g profit.

This method doesn’t always have to be about crude onyxs, you can merchant things such as items, sparks, plates etc… Anything that seems oddly under priced, go ahead and buy it then sell it for its original or more price.

v. Crafting then Selling
You can sell an item that has been well crafted and enhanced for great amount of gold. What this method involves you to do is pretty much enhance an item, such as a Goblin Long bow to +8 or higher (recommend for best results). Once you’ve enhanced it, you can use a rare crystal spark to unlock the item’s ability. If you get a good ability, that’s great! That just means you will make more money! If not, you can risk using reset sparks and trying to see if you can get better stats. Once you’ve enhanced and unlocked your item’s ability, you can craft it into a different type of weapon (Preferably Windswept). Windswept/Intelligence is best for crafting in my opinion because for Mages and Clerics, you cannot go wrong on intelligence and Windswept is great on Warriors and Archers due to the reduction on crit resist.

Although this might seem like an easy method, you could potentially end up not being able to sell your item at your desired price and may lose more money. Think about it this way. What happens when you break your weapon? What happens to all your crude onyxs after failing to enhance 5 times in a row? What if the item I don’t have enough money to buy crafting items to get it to Windswept or Intelligence? All these factors may contribute to losing money after crafting items. Although this may seem like the “faster” way to make money, always remember that everything has their pros and cons.

iv. Gold Bunny Hunting

On Abyss difficulty, maybe you guys have ran into it before. The Gold Bunny. There is a very low probability that you will run into the Golden Bunny, but when you do, you could have a huge gain in gold. If people are unsure of what the Golden Bunny drops, there is a chance that the Gold Bunny will drop a “Highest Grade Plate” which can be sold up to 1,000g and up. Basically how to Gold Bunny hunt is you can go solo, or with a party. I personally like going with parties when I can, but some others like solo so if any other items drop, it’s all theirs. Basically you have to grind on Abyss difficulty dungeons and hope for a Golden Bunny. Note! Make you you always have a key because if you don’t then you are rather screwed when you see the Golden Bunny :\

Also note that this is more or less a Gamble in my opinion. You might not even run into 1 Golden Bunny in 25 runs. That’s how rare it is. Please consider this huge downfall when it comes to Golden Bunny hunting, as you might just be wasting your time if you are too impatient to grind for one.

Another tip is that it is preferred to run as a party, preferably as 4. Why you may ask? simply to maximize the number of bunnies you and your friends can get and also it makes Abyss runs much faster. think about it, you have 4 people, if you are lucky enough to stumble upon a bunny, its 4 people that get a gold bunny. Also with 4 people running through dungeons should be a breeze.


Author: Kiven
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  1. Where on earth is bunny hunt sigh canyon farming? ._. 3 lv 24s (some people let lv 23s in but w/e) and 1 lv 9-15. Just spam abyss sigh canyon. Guarenteed to get a key from the bunny if there is a lv 9-15 person in party, plus you can have the added bonus of gold bunny although people generally farm that for fragment of dimensional gem which is pretty darn good since you get 23 at a time and they sell for 10 silver PER PIECE. 

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