Smart NetPhone: Subscription Packages and Retail Price

SCOOP: So, i accidentally stumbled onto (yep, skillzzzz) the AWESOME official SMART website for their new Netphone service/product and found out the following details:

UPDATE: So, How did i get in this apprently soon to be launched beta site? #akopah! =) SMART already knows how i found out BTW and looks like they’re cool with it. So the launch will probably be very soon…like TODAY!

SMARTNET Official Subscription Packages
smartnet1 smartnet2 smartnet3 smartnet4

  • The Smart Netphone will cost Php 9,900 pesos NOT 5-7K pesos as earlier reported. More expensive than
  • Smartnet Subscriptions will be Powerpack, Connect, Value and Budget Connect Pack
  • what we thought but still very much affordable especially for it’s features.

  • Features such as Netphone Messenger and FX messaging. Also, Global Directory and Social Stream
  • Ang ganda talaga ni Sam Pinto. Pramis. As In. Sana i-add niya ako sa SMARTNET Global Directory. Hello! Paging SMART Peeps. =)

SMART Netphone will be launched on September 1, 2011. Bookmark for the latest news re: SMARTNET and Netphone.

Visit the official SMARTNET website @ or

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