Dragon Nest SEA CBT Impressions and Screens

The Dragon Nest CBT for the South East Asian region has begun and i managed to be a part of it. Dragon Nest really plays well even with a laptop with a Nvidia 310M with Optimus so you can get a much smoother and detailed DragonNest experience if you go above the recommended system requirements. I’m getting steady framerates of around 30-35 in high quality mode at 1280×720 not to mention Dragon Nest is very well done artistically.

So once in the Dragon Nest CBT, you get to choose between 4 character archetypes namely: Warrior, Archer, Sorcerer and Cleric. They initially play like your standard MMORPG classes but experience will vary with different weapons and specializations. If you ever played Guild Wars then you will be familiar with how Dragon Nest handles zones, with common zones in towns but once you go out of town the game creates an individual instance for you and your partymates.

Dragon Nest SEA CBT screenshots

Currency is followed like in World of Warcraft where you have copper, silver and gold coins. You can upgrade weapons via the Smith or craft special Heraldry items to boost your abilities. These items requires a plate and the matching jewelry to create specific Heraldry types.

In terms of the environment, the world is very varied: from your typical Forest Town to cobweb filled dungeons, rough mountain passes, including even weather and night time effects. There are a lot of destructible pieces of environment so battles can really be intense with pieces of a downed tower flying all over the places to wood splintering from your attacks.

Boss Fights are also well done, each with their own personality and special attacks. I managed to experience powered up goblin shamans, a huge minotaur and 3 dark eleven dancers during my initial run with the game and they were all different. Plus you can also get to fight them again in higher difficulties which means more chances at better loot.

Dragon Nest is a really enjoyable game which you can enjoy in short stretches of time especially with how they do the instanced sections, i did feel going through the same environment during multiple runs but the changing environment and difficulty kept me hooked at the game. Hopefully i get a chance to experience the ingame item mall as my charcters seriously need some new clothes.

Add me up in the game, my character name is KIVEN. See you in the Dragon Nest SEA CBT!

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