Buy Facebook Credits using Level Up! Top Up load cards

It looks like the biggest online game publisher in the country, Level Up!, has decided to allow conversion of its top up load denomination cards to facebook credits as evidenced by the screenshot below:

Update 2: Level Up! officially announces partnership with LiveGamer for Facebook Credits conversion:

Update 1: Official Level up! Load Top Up conversion rates to Facebook Credits
Your card will credit to Facebook as following
– LU Card 50 (50.00 PHP) : 6 FB Credits
– LU Card 100 (100.00 PHP) : 13 FB Credits
– LU Card 350 (350.00 PHP) : 45 FB Credits
– LU Card 500 (500.00 PHP) : 65 FB Credits

What this means is that you do not need to have a credit card to be able to buy facebook credits, just buy any level up! load card from your suking tindahan and enter the code direct top up style. Details about conversion rates are fuzzy at this point but i expect it to be higher than straight credit card/paypal conversions but lower than buying facebook credits through your mobile. is waiting for the official announcement from Level Up! and Facebook regarding the top up load card conversion so stay tuned.

Obligatory Disclaimer: I used to work for Level Up! by heading their Multimedia Department. and yeah, I’m still waiting to be hired by Facebook. So there. =)

Author: Kiven
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5 thoughts on “Buy Facebook Credits using Level Up! Top Up load cards

  1. Why is it the Levelup Credit is Bug i cannot Top up my Level up Card plss fix it in a eary time tnx.

  2. i played ninja soul but i cant top up my lvlup card.because its shows IP adress and i need to enter ID>??? cant understand??

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