Eden Eternal (MMORPG)

Eden Eternal is a new MMORPG published by Aeria Games and has begun closed beta on June 2. A packed event schedule and lots of new contests are expected to retain closed beta participants for the duration of the testing phase.


Eden Eternal’s features:

  • Freely Swap Classes – Begin as either a Warrior or Magician. As you progress through Eden Eternal, you’ll discover 15 unique classes. Once unlocked, transform into a new class any time!
  • Build Player Towns – Help your guild create a bustling metropolis! Construct various buildings staffed with an assortment of useful merchant NPCs. Charge visitors for using town services!
  • Dungeons & Bosses – Raid a variety of solo, 3-man, and 5-man dungeons. Lurking around every corner you’ll encounter robust monsters, each more fierce than the next. Watch out for surprise ambushes!

Pinoy MMORPG players shpuld sign up for the Eden Eternal Closed Beta Test at http://edeneternal.aeriagames.com/

Author: Kiven
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